WiZiX Technology Group, Inc.

WiZiX Founder, Gary Johnson, previously owned and operated Zoom Imaging Solutions, Inc. until he sold Zoom to Global-Imaging Systems, a Xerox company in 2012. At the time Zoom had 11 branches operating throughout Central and Northern California.

At WiZiX, Gary is joined by a strong, multi-generational leadership team that is experienced in all aspects of the business with a track record focused on creating a customer centric culture.

Shortly after WiZiX was formed it acquired two Ricoh Family Office equipment dealers: Stanton Office Machines, a Lanier dealer based in Fresno, Ca. and Scott Technology Group of Sacramento, a Savin Dealer. WiZiX Technology Group is extremely excited to join forces with these two organizations.

Both companies have an incredible group of employees and an impressive base of loyal customers. WiZiX is looking forward to leveraging their success by investing the necessary resources to grow the business throughout Northern and Central California. In addition to offering Savin and Lanier products, WiZiX is also an authorized dealer for Toshiba.

The WiZiX Mission:

My business philosophy has been influenced by many people over the years and I am thankful for all my mentors, what I’ve learned about the industry, and what it takes to create a successful technology services business.

But the main lesson throughout my journey has been the importance of creating loyal customers. This focus was crystallized in the book Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless, by John C. Maxwell. Creating more than just a satisfied customer is the only way to stand out from the crowd. Customer loyalty is the ultimate goal and it can only be achieved by providing a level of service beyond expectations.

Our mission at WiZiX is to create a culture within our organization that is focused by doing more than just enough. Where exceeding expectations is the rule, not the exception.

-Gary Johnson


WiZiX Technology Group, Inc.




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WiZiX Technology Group, Inc.
Gary Johnson/ President/ WiZiX Technology Group, Inc.
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WiZiX Technology Group, Inc.
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