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4 Benefits of Commercial Copiers

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Could your business benefit from having a copier in the office? Buying or leasing a commercial copier is more efficient and less expensive than using copy services from a third party. At WiZiX Technology Group, we can help you equip your office with the best and latest copier to suit your business needs. Learn how exactly having a copier in the office benefits your business. 

Four Benefits of Having a Commercial Copier

1: Offers Flexibility

A photocopier has many uses beyond copying, especially multifunction printers and copiers. They can email or fax documents right after scanning to reduce the amount of steps that sending information typically requires. 

The latest copiers can handle multiple types of tasks at once, so employees can print, fax, and scan without having to wait for all of the previous jobs to be complete. Wireless copiers add more flexibility, allowing employees to print and send documents from their desktop computer or mobile device. 

2: Improves Productivity

Copiers may have a reputation for being slow, but that just isn’t the case anymore. For instance, modern copiers can print anywhere from 15 to 100 pages per minute on average, with higher-end copiers able to print even more per minute. That’s much faster than waiting on an order from a copy shop. 

Plus, you can place a wireless copier anywhere, which increases productivity in the office by allowing you to position your copier in the most convenient location. With a copier right in the office, employees never have to interrupt their workflow.

3: Increases Security

Relying on a third-party service to produce your copies puts sensitive information at risk. However, you can protect your documents by having your own equipment in the office and securing your copier.  In fact, many copiers today come equipped with encryption software and password protection capabilities.

To further protect your copier, you can:

  • Place it in a secure location
  • Strengthen your wireless network
  • Authorize, monitor, and verify its use 
  • Protect the hard drive

4: Reduces Paper Waste

There are several environmentally friendly ways to reduce paper waste when using a copier. For example, if you set your copier to print on both sides then you will print faster, use less paper, and end up spending less. You can also look for a printer with duplex capabilities so that you won’t have to flip the paper yourself to scan or print on both sides.

Another way to reduce paper with your copier is by emailing or saving copies digitally instead of printing them. By using less paper, you will save more money. Other eco-friendly copier practices include:

  • Setting a power save or sleep mode to save energy
  • Printing in black and white or grayscale to use less ink
  • Enabling toner-reducing settings for internal documents

Buy or Lease a Copier in California

Are you in need of a copier for your business? WiZiX Technology Group is an elite dealer of multifunction printers and copiers. We offer customizable leasing contracts and affordable prices for the latest technology available—all from the top commercial copier brands. Call 1-866-846-1411 today to speak with a representative about our copiers. 

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