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4 Benefits of Our Autoship Toner Supply Service

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Have you ever forgotten to order more toner for your office machines? At WiZiX Technology Group, we know that having the right supplies on time is critical in maintaining efficient workflow. To help you avoid costly mistakes like running out of toner at the wrong time, we offer an autoship supply service. 

Why You Need Our Autoship Supply Program

If your business requires frequent printing, then you need our autoship supply service. There are a lot of moving parts involved in running a business—why add managing toner orders to the list when there’s an easier solution? When you sign up for the WiZiX autoship supply program, you can have peace of mind knowing your devices will never run out of toner.

How Does Autoship Work?

With our autoship service, you don’t have to monitor your machine’s toner levels or manage resupply orders yourself. We use cloud-based technology to monitor your printer or copier’s toner usage. 

As soon as your toner levels start running low, our autoship software will automatically place an order for new supplies. You will receive the shipment before your printer or copier has the chance to run out of toner.

Four Benefits of the WiZiX Autoship Supply Program

1. You Never Run Out of Toner

Forgetting to place an order for more toner is all too easy when you have to monitor usage yourself. Running out of toner can cost your business valuable time and money because it interrupts office workflow. You can avoid this costly problem by using our autoship supply service to ensure that you always receive more toner before your device runs out.

2. You’ll Save Money

Balancing toner orders with toner usage can easily get out of hand. If you reorder supplies more frequently than necessary, you will likely end up overstocking your cartridges. This may not seem like a problem at first, but it’s a big waste of money if the toner expires before you can use it. With autoship, you’ll never receive more toner than you need. 

If you decide to upgrade, your overstock of toner cartridges may be incompatible with your new machine. Not only would you have to pay for the new machine, you’d have to pay for updated toner cartridges as well. Our service and maintenance agreements cover the cost of parts, maintenance, and even automatic supply shipments.

3. Autoship Saves Time

Using our autoship supply service means you won’t have to spend valuable time monitoring toner levels and placing supply orders for your office machines. Even better, you won’t ever have to worry about forgetting to order supplies until it’s too late. Autoship ensures that your business receives toner supplies right on time. 

4. You Can Reduce Waste

Did you know that due to the harmful chemicals that toner cartridges contain, you should never place them in the trash? There are several ways to recycle used toner, but we make it extra simple—just leave your used toner cartridges with us and we’ll properly recycle them for you.

Printer and Copier Supplies in California

If you want to save time, money, and the environment, then you need to sign up for the autoship toner supply program from WiZiX Technology Group. With locations all across Northern and Central California, we also offer the latest printers and copiers available for sale and lease. Request a free quote today or call 1-866-846-1411 to speak with a representative.

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