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4 Document Management Best Practices

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Document management systems (DMS) allow your business to store, organize, and share documents without the need for paper. Too much paperwork can drastically slow down your productivity and your workflow. 

At WiZiX Technology Group, we know how important a streamlined workflow is to a successful business. Implementing the following four document management best practices will help your business stay organized and efficient.

1. Stay Consistent

The first best practice for document management is optimizing the way you organize your files because DMS rely on the way you structure your folders. When you consistently structure your folders the same way, everyone who has access to them can easily find the document they need. 

Use plenty of tags for each document and make sure to stay consistent in the way you list your tags, such as how you write the date or name the document owner. Consistent organization of your documents will save considerable time when searching for particular files. 

2. Develop a Naming Convention

Another area where consistency is important is in the naming of documents. When everyone labels documents differently, it makes them impossible to find. To locate documents with ease, develop a naming convention that everyone who uses the document management system will follow. 

When a file gets mislabeled it can easily become lost and forgotten, so make sure your employees know which naming convention to use. Staying consistent with your naming convention will make all files easily searchable and optimize your office workflow.

3. Prioritize Automation

Manually performing routine tasks unnecessarily slows down your office workflow. One of the best practices of a document management system is automating processes like indexing and data storage. Automation guarantees that the same steps are followed for every completed process, saving your employees both time and effort. 

You can also automate notifications to your employees with a document management system so that everyone stays on track. Make sure to prioritize the automation processes that work best for your business to achieve optimum efficiency.

4. Secure Your Data

Make sure to use your document management system to protect any sensitive data sent to employees and clients. Email is not a secure way to transfer private information. You can protect specific files in your DMS by adding password protection and restricting access to authorized people only. 

Document management systems even allow you to track users so that you know who is accessing your documents and where they accessed them from. Guarantee document security by utilizing the right DMS features.

Document Management Software in California

At WiZiX Technology Group, we want to help you apply the best document management practices. We are a proud reseller of DocuWare, the document management system that will take your business to the next level. DocuWare allows you to easily manage and share documents as well as securely store them on-premise or in the cloud. Call 1-866-846-1411 to speak with one of our representatives today.

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