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4 Reasons to Choose a Local Copier Dealer

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There are many ways to support your local community, from volunteering to shopping at farmers markets. You can even shop locally when it comes to choosing a new copier or printer for your business. You’ll find better deals, more customized service, and a wider range of options at a local copier and printer dealer than at manufacturer-owned dealers. 

As an elite office equipment dealer in California, WiZiX Technology Group aims to help business owners in our community find the best copiers and printers for their needs. We put together this guide to help you narrow down your search so that the next time your business needs new equipment, you can shop locally. 

Four Reasons to Buy or Lease Your Office Copier from a Local Dealer

1: High Quality Customer Service

Manufacturer-owned copier dealers have many global customers, so when you have an issue, it can take a while to get it resolved. You’re also more likely to deal with someone new each time you call a manufacturer, so you never really know what to expect from their customer service. 

On the other hand, a local copier dealer like WiZiX Technology Group will provide consistent, high quality service. Since you are part of the same community, local dealers are able to offer a more personal touch than global manufacturers. 

Local copier dealers also have more time available to quickly and expertly resolve issues, which is essential when it comes to problems with billing. Plus, you’ll communicate with the same staff each time you call, and can start to build relationships with representatives that you trust. 

Another benefit of choosing a local copier dealer over a global company is that there’s less room for error. You’re more likely to find a tight-knit staff full of well-trained employees at a small business, leading to better internal communication and more efficient service. 

2: Efficient Maintenance and Repairs

A local copier dealer can also provide fast and efficient maintenance and repair services. With plenty of experienced technicians available, you can often expect same-day service for your copier. Manufacturer-owned dealers have limited availability, so you’ll likely need to wait a few days before someone is able to tend to your machine, making downtime even more costly. 

Many local dealers also offer service and maintenance agreements to help you affordably extend the lifespan of your office equipment. You simply pay a monthly or annual fee that covers the costs of supplies like ink and toner, routine preventative maintenance, and any unexpected repairs your copier might need. 

While manufacturers offer service agreements as well, you might not realize that your contract only has minimal coverage until it is too late. When you choose a local office equipment dealer, you’re much less likely to face any unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. At WiZiX Technology Group, we can customize a service and maintenance agreement that meets all of your needs. 

3: Wider Variety

Manufacturer-owned copier dealers only carry one brand of equipment. Such limited offerings can make it difficult for you to find a copier with the exact features and capabilities your office needs. Although some local dealers also offer just one brand of office equipment, many local dealers offer a variety of choices. For instance, at WiZiX Technology Group, we offer a wide range of product lines from top brands including Toshiba, Savin, and Brother. In fact, we represent more than half of the major manufacturers.

If a wider selection of options feels overwhelming to you, remember that choosing a copier from a manufacturer still isn’t necessarily a better option. With personalized customer service, a local copier dealer can work with you to help you find the perfect copier for your business. 

4: Flexible Payment Options

Instead of seeing you as just another prospect and trying to sell you on the most expensive technology, local dealers are happy to work within your budget. Instead of buying a machine outright, you can lease your copier or other equipment and tailor your payment schedule to fit your budgetary needs. Leasing from a local dealer also gives you the opportunity to affordably upgrade your equipment as soon as new technology trends take over. 

Buy or Lease from a California Copier Dealer Today

If you value supporting your community while receiving high-quality products and services, consider buying or leasing from a local copier and printer dealer. At WiZIX Technology Group in Northern California, we offer the latest equipment from top brands at affordable prices. We also provide local, reliable maintenance and repairs. Call 866-846-1411 today to speak with a representative about how we can meet your printing and copying needs. 

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