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4 Risks of Using Outdated Office Technology

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While it may seem cheaper to hold on to older machines for as long as possible, it can actually cost your business more money in the long run. Outdated technology can cause a variety of headaches for your business, like frequent downtime and frustrating paper jams. 

At WiZiX Technology Group, we offer the latest office technology equipment to help keep your California business up-to-date and running smoothly. Continue reading to learn about the disadvantages and risks of continuing to use outdated technology. 

Four Risks of Using Outdated Technology in Business

1: Expensive Maintenance

Office machines like printers and copiers that require everyday use should be replaced every 3 to 5 years to avoid high maintenance costs. Old office technology is prone to a variety of problems. Some, like paper jams, you can typically fix yourself. However, most issues with office machines require help from a technician, which can get expensive. The older the machine, the more it will cost to maintain. 

Some equipment may still run well despite its age, but it can be difficult to find parts for older machines when they need repairs. Improperly handling a machine when repairing it yourself can lead to even more costly repairs. If your printer, copier, or other machines frequently need maintenance, it is most likely cheaper to buy or lease a new machine altogether than continue maintaining the old one. 

2: Poor Productivity

Older technology tends to take longer to execute tasks and install updates. These issues take up valuable time and lower productivity in the workplace, leading to lost revenue. Investing in fast, efficient technology not only allows employees to perform better at their jobs, but motivates them to do so. Newer technology also comes with features that improve productivity that older models may not have, such as wireless functionality and built-in optical character recognition.

3: Increased Downtime

Unplanned downtime costs your business more than just time and money, it can also harm your reputation. System crashes, frozen screens, paper jams, and other issues that affect everyday business operations also negatively impact your relationships with your customers, clients, and partners. As a result, people may turn to a competitor who can better meet their needs.

4: Weakened Security

Another risk of outdated technology is that it makes your business more vulnerable to security breaches. Systems and software receive periodic updates that improve their security and functionality. For security reasons, it’s crucial to install these updates as soon as possible. However, older models of machines stop receiving these important updates after a certain amount of time, depending on the device. 

Unsupported “end of life” technology makes your business vulnerable to cyber-attacks and may not meet certain regulatory compliances. Failure to meet regulatory compliance can result in legal action being taken against your business. If any of your office equipment has stopped receiving regular updates, it’s time to replace the device.  

Replace Your Outdated Office Equipment Today

Avoid the risks associated with using outdated technology by replacing your machines. Leasing a printer or copier is an affordable way to invest in new machines every few years. At WiZiX Technology Group, our lease agreements include the cost of maintenance and supplies. We also work with you to create a payment timeline that best fits your needs. Call 866-846-1411 today to discuss leasing a printer or copier in California

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