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6 Organization Ideas for Business Owners to Maximize Office Space

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Looking for business office organization ideas? Adjusting your office space as your business grows is essential in maintaining a productive workplace. If your office suffers from a lack of space, it’s time to start investing in better organization tactics and more flexible technology. At WiZiX Technology Group, we offer premium, compact office equipment and efficient electronic storage solutions to help maximize your space. 

How to Organize a Business Office

1. Get Input from Employees

Collaborating with your employees is the best way to maximize your space in a way that boosts productivity. Gathering opinions from your employees on what is and isn’t working in the office space will help you implement the right changes. For instance, new office furniture is a less obvious space-saving solution that may be a priority to your employees. 

While investing in new furniture and other solutions to maximize space can help open up your office, make sure to discuss any changes you are considering with your employees ahead of time. Uncomfortable furniture and other impractical additions to the office will only end up decreasing productivity.

2. Support Remote Work

If you need to hire new employees to keep up with your growing business but don’t have any more space in your office, consider supporting remote employees. A hybrid workforce frees up office space and saves money you would otherwise spend on additional furniture or relocation. In-house and remote employees can efficiently work together using modern technology such as hosted phone systems, digital whiteboards, and video conferencing. 

3. Utilize Wall Space

You can also use your office space more efficiently by utilizing its vertical space. Wall cabinets, pegboards, organizers, and shelves allow you to organize your office supplies and files without crowding the rest of your space. Make sure to label your new organizational elements so your employees can easily find necessary items and documents. 

4. Go Paperless

Paper storage can take up a lot of space and become expensive to maintain. If your office is becoming crowded with document storage, then it may be time to go paperless. You don’t have to eliminate paper from your office entirely, but limiting paper use to essential documents can help you save space as well as money. 

A great way to go paperless is by investing in an electronic document management system (DMS). DMS software securely stores your documents in a digital database and streamlines document sharing and retrieval. It also allows you to reduce the amount of paper you currently store in your office by scanning and uploading existing documents to the DMS.

5. Choose a Multifunction Printer

If multiple office machines are crowding your office, then consider replacing them with a multifunction printer. You can save space by printing, faxing, scanning, and copying all with one machine. Fewer machines require fewer supplies, allowing you to create room in your budget to invest in other space-saving solutions. 

6. Invest in Compact Printers

Both multifunction and single-function printers are available in compact sizes to accommodate small office spaces. If your office is already limited to one printer, but it still takes up too much space, it may be time for a replacement. Compact printers are more affordable and still offer intuitive features as well as fast copy and print speeds. 

Compact Multifunction Printers for Small Businesses

If a new printer is on your list of office organization ideas for your business, then choose WiZiX Technology Group in California. We offer a wide range of office machines, including compact multifunction printers. Our experts are happy to help you find the right printer for your office or help you manage your document storage with a DMS. Call us at 866-846-1411 today to discuss our many space-maximizing options! 

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