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6 Signs Your Small Business Needs A Document Management System

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Is your business having trouble with paper storage? A document management system can provide the perfect solution for any small business with too many paper documents. At WiZiX Technology Group, we know that disorganization can lead to a variety of problems. That’s why we offer DocuWare, the premier document management system.

What Is a Document Management System?

Every business has plenty of documents that require storage and organization. An electronic document management system (DMS) is a type of software that efficiently stores, manages, and tracks your documents. A DMS offers many benefits, including keeping your documents safe, secure, and easy to restore. 

If your business experiences any of the following signs, you could benefit from a DMS. 

6 Signs Your Small Business Needs a Document Management System

1. Paper Is Taking Up Too Much Space

A paper-based DMS takes up a lot of office space. Over time, you can end up with duplicate documents that add to the clutter. You might also be spending a lot of money on all the components of your paper file organization system. With a DMS, your small business can put both your space and your money to better use and increase efficiency in the workplace.

2. Documents Are Difficult to Find and Easily Get Lost

Paper document storage can quickly become disorganized, making it harder to find the right documents. Plus, if someone misfiles a document or forgets to return it, that lost document can cost your business time and money. A DMS allows you to neatly organize your documents and uses tags to make them easily searchable so you don’t have to waste any time.

3. Finding a Document Is Time Consuming

The more paper documents that you have and the more disorganized they are, the more time it’s going to take to find the right document. If a client or customer calls to request a specific document, it can take too long to get back to them. You won’t have to worry about inefficient document retrieval when you use a DMS. Electronic storage makes finding and retrieving documents quick and easy so you can have any document readily available and be able to share it securely.

4. Collaboration Is a Security Risk

Sharing a document through email puts sensitive information at risk. When documents are stored in an electronic DMS, only users with authorized access can view or edit them. A DMS also streamlines collaboration by tracking any changes and recording who made them so that you know who is accountable for new versions of a document.

5. You Can’t Tell If Documents Are Updated or Older Versions

When you finally find a document after sorting through stacks of paper, it can be hard to tell if you’ve actually located the most up-to-date version. Because a DMS tracks all changes to documents, you can quickly tell if you have the current version. A DMS also allows you to restore older versions of documents when necessary.

6. Your Business Is Suffering

If you don’t have a document management system, your small business might be suffering unnecessarily. Whether you are spending too much money on storing paper or you’ve experienced a decrease in customer satisfaction, a DMS is sure to benefit your efficiency and profitability.

Document Management Systems in California

You can improve your small business by implementing an electronic document management system. WiZiX Technology Group in California is an authorized reseller of DocuWare, a DMS that is fast, secure, and easy to use. For more information about DocuWare, call 1-866-846-1411 today.

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