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6 Tips to Improve Workflow Efficiency

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When you research and crunch the numbers, an astounding amount of time is wasted at work on an annual basis. According to research from, 30 percent of people waste at least an hour of time at work, and the top 10 percent waste more than 3 hours!

Whether it’s inefficient processes, insufficient training, or unnecessary interruptions, your office may want to think through how you can cut off any dead weight and streamline efficiency. As an office technology company that specializes in helping offices optimize efficiency in document management and printing, we have a few tips for improving your office’s workflow efficiency.

1. Evaluate Your Current Processes

The number one bottleneck in an office’s efficiency is often their processes. Take the time upfront to get feedback from your employees on what works and what doesn’t. See where you can automate, simplify, and streamline.

2. Automate Wherever Possible

Productivity software in the form of apps, programs and tools has the potential to unlock loads of free time for your employees to work on essential tasks. Tasks that you need to optimize if you don’t currently include: meeting reminders, reporting, supply replenishment, bill paying, signatures, and collecting customer information.

3. Clarify Assignments and Tasks

Communication is a huge time-waster in the office. Misunderstandings related to who should work on a specific task, how long it should take, and what details are needed to accomplish the task can waste precious time. Project management software like, Asana or LiquidPlanner will allow you to manage resources and communicate efficiently.

4. Reduce Unnecessary Interruptions

Perhaps the number one unnecessary interruption in the office is redundant and unproductive meetings. Have a clear agenda for meetings and invite only those people who are essential to the project or task. Office rapport is important, but limit the amount of time employees are spending on unhelpful forms of communication, like dropping by a cubical to ask a question instead of sending an email.

5. Prioritize Comprehensive Training

Improper or insufficient onboarding processes can set your employees up for massive failure at worst, or at the very best it can cause unlimited wasted hours trying to search for the right solutions on their own. Onboarding and regular training take time and intention upfront, but the payoff of competent employees is priceless.

6. Implement a Document Management System

Difficulty accessing and sharing data and documents has the potential to waste an incredible amount of time. DocuWare document management system simplifies every single task relating to documents. It can take your business operations to a new level, by centralizing document storage in the cloud and streamlining document workflow.

You can electronically manage and share documents regardless of their format or source. Either on-premise or in the cloud. Documents are readily available, where and when they are needed. One quick search locates any related documents.

Document Management Software in Northern California

With many employees working from home in the age of COVID-19, these steps towards improving workflow efficiency are even more important. Speak with a representative at WiZiX Technology Group today if your business in Sacramento, San Francisco or Fresno could benefit from a document management system.


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