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A Guide to Document Indexing

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Investing in a document management system can help you reduce costs and organize document storage. However, document indexing can do a lot more than keep your files organized—it can also increase workplace productivity. At WiZiX Technology Group, it’s our goal to help businesses optimize their workflow with the best office equipment, software, and tips. Read on to find out more about what document indexing is and how it can benefit your business. 

What Is Document Indexing?

In a document management system (DMS), document indexing refers to how you organize your digital files. Your DMS indexes information like the name of a file or the date and time it was created to help you locate documents by entering specific search terms. 

A document indexing strategy works best when everyone structures and names all files and folders in your DMS the same way. To get the best results, educate all your employees on your indexing practices. When everyone uses the same indexing strategy in the document management system, no one will have trouble searching for or sharing project files.

Three Common Methods for Document Management System Indexing

There are several different methods for document indexing that each lead to better collaboration and productivity. You can use a combination of the following methods, or employ them individually. No matter which options you choose, consistency will make document retrieval as quick and easy as possible. 

1. Full-Text

With full-text indexing, you can locate documents in your DMS by searching for a word or phrase that appears in the document text, just like when you use a search engine on the internet. Your DMS scans through the entire document and indexes every single word to make the document easy to find.

Some document management systems even allow you to make a set list of frequently-searched terms for you, so you don’t have to type out the same criteria over and over. Although the full-text indexing method is very easy to use, it requires a large amount of storage space in your system.

2. Field-Based

A field refers to a category of information about a file that the DMS uses to organize your documents. With field-based indexing, your document management system finds files by searching through fields instead of scanning through whole documents. Your DMS can automatically add certain information or you can manually add fields like customer name, invoice number, date, and address. 

3. Metadata

A DMS can also locate a document by searching the metadata of your files. Metadata is the information and details that automatically attach to a file when you create it. Name, date, time, and geolocation are all pieces of a file’s metadata. You can also add specific tags for your files to make them easier to find. Although it is very similar to field-based indexing, metadata indexing involves more automation.

Document Management System Indexing with DocuWare

Now that you know what document indexing is and how to use it, you need a document management system that will efficiently support your business. WiZiX Technology Group in California is a trusted and authorized reseller of DocuWare, a premier DMS that offers intelligent indexing. Call 866-846-1411 today to discuss your document management needs.

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