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Are There Benefits to Mobile Printing in the Office?

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There is no question about it: the mobile workforce is growing. People use their phones for work now more than ever. In fact, a late 2019 study found that 51% of Americans will even answer work calls or respond to emails in the restroom. 

While handling work from cell phones, tablets, and laptops, you can easily find yourself in a situation where you need the capabilities of mobile printing. Say you’re working on your phone and you need to print. Instead of having to email the document to yourself and waiting until you can get to a computer that’s connected to a printer, with mobile printing you can use an app to print directly from your phone. Some of the benefits to mobile printing in the office include an increase in productivity, potential for cutting costs, and more ease in your work day. 


Mobile Printing Can Increase Productivity

Improving the efficiency of workflow is something we all want. Having the ability to print from any building on an organization’s campus will save time. Mobile printing creates more flexibility and allows for instantaneous printing. This is a major benefit to having mobile printing in your office.

Want to quickly print those notes you took on your phone during a meeting? Mobile printing is your answer. Do you need to print a PDF from your tablet to have a client sign it quickly? Again, cue mobile printing. Do you work at home but need to print at the office? You know the answer: mobile printing. 


Possible Cost-Cutting

Many companies rely heavily on the ability to print. Rather than purchasing printers for every department or group, mobile printing can cut company costs by allowing several departments to use the same printer. 


Is Mobile Printing Secure?

Some documents are sensitive. If you’re going to use mobile printing for materials that are meant only for certain eyes, you’ll need to choose a solution that uses passcodes. Pick an app or mobile printing solution that allows this. Your print job will be held at the printer until you can get there and enter your code—it won’t print without permission. 


Printer Sales in Central Valley, CA

Here at WiZiX Technology Group, we sell several printers that are mobile-printing friendly so you can take advantage of those benefits for your office. Many of our printers come ready to be set up with secure mobile printing with software like Mopria

You can contact the office nearest you for help. We have branches throughout Central California. Find us in the North Bay, South Bay, and East Bay regions, along with our headquarters in Sacramento. 

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