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What Are the Benefits of Cloud Printing?

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From document storage to communication, businesses use cloud services in a variety of different ways. So it’s no surprise that many of them are also turning to the cloud for their printing needs. Cloud printing offers advantages like lower costs, less waste, and more flexibility. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of cloud printing and how it works. 

What Is Cloud Printing, and How Does It Work?

Connecting a computer to a printer and installing a printer driver can often result in frustrating compatibility issues. But cloud printing is much simpler—it allows you to print from any device connected to the internet, such as smartphones, computers, tablets, and other devices. 

With cloud printing, your devices don’t even have to be connected to the same network as the printer. That means that you and your employees can print from anywhere, anytime. The printer simply gets the information it needs from the cloud in order to complete the job.   

Four Benefits of Cloud Printing

1: Time and Money Saved

With cloud print services, the printer servers are housed off-site by your provider. This helps reduce energy costs, and also helps you save on the cost of upkeep, because your provider maintains the system. 

Off-site servers also free up your IT department’s time to work on other tasks, leading to less office downtime. Plus, cloud printing is fast and easy for your employees, who can simply connect via their own devices rather than search for a connected computer. 

2: Higher Productivity

Cloud services streamline printing tasks, which leads to higher productivity and happier employees. No one has to deal with frustrating compatibility issues, confusing software, or cumbersome cables. 

Employees can quickly connect to the nearest printer, and then immediately get back to their other important tasks. And multiple documents can be saved to the cloud throughout the day to be printed all at once later on, for even more efficient time management. 

3: Reduced Carbon Footprint

Cloud printing can even help reduce your carbon footprint. Because files can be printed from anywhere, it helps minimize transportation emissions. You can also monitor printer usage to ensure that there’s no wasteful printing

4: Flexibility

Your technology should be able to keep up with the changes your business goes through as it evolves. Cloud printing is fast and simple to set up, so you can change locations without worrying about messy cable connections. You can also add and remove devices to the cloud with ease, so you can scale your operations up or down as often as necessary. 

Cloud-Ready Printers in Northern California and Reno, Nevada

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