Printing construction plans.

Benefits To Printing Construction Plans Yourself

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This blog was contributed by Nick Khan, Business Advisor @ WiZiX (Sacramento Branch)

Construction plans are shared much differently today than they were in years and decades past.  Previously when a general contractor or architect needed to submit a bid, they would print multiple sets of the same plans and distribute the hard copies to sub-contractors.  The sub-contractors would take measurements and give estimates need to complete their portion of the project.  Today this process happens much differently.

Accessing Your Plans

Architects and general contractors have learned to use PDF files to save time and money and share these plans digitally.  This allows them to quickly share plans with sub-contractors and other parties without driving up costs and reducing overhead.  The model flipped from a “print and distribute” to a “distribute electronically then print” model.  While this process is more efficient and cost effective for the contractor or architect this has put a bind on the subcontracts who are now passed on the extra costs of printing their own plans.

Outsourcing is an easy option, but costs can escalate quickly, and it eliminates the control of having the operation in house.  Outsourcing also makes edits and deadlines/turnaround times greater obstacles.  Many subcontractors have realized that outsourcing is an ineffective way for them to conduct their business.

Time is Money

A quality alternative would be for the sub-contractor to print the bid plans in house.  The total cost of ownership is affordable.  Printing can be done on your own schedule and terms.  The printers are easy to use and can be shared among an organization or collaborating teams.

Time is the most valuable commodity no business can make more of.  Sub-contractors are busy by nature and eliminating excess tasks and bringing the printing in house, time and money can be saved and work can happen more efficiently, printing will be done “on demand.”  This provides a savings and flexibility outsourcing can’t.

By increasing productivity, a sub-contractor could bid on more bids.  More bids mean more chances to win, which in turn leads to more jobs/projects, more work!  Having immediate access to a wide format printer can be a huge difference maker especially in smaller sized organizations looking to scale.

Which plotter is right for you?

WiZiX has an array of KIP and Savin wide format options.  Many of today’s wide formats can print, scan, and copy, all in color, b/w options available.  Setup and connectivity have never been easier, with very simple to use print drivers.  WiZiX has a team of dedicated technicians that are certified to work on these devices.  WiZiX is the proud Wide Format Equipment Service Provider for the Golden State Plan Service!

In construction accuracy is paramount.  Today’s technology should empower its users and allow them to make accurate measurements and produce perfect plans.  The industry is changing, it could be time to look at how those changes are affecting your business and realign your technology with your goals.  Reach out to WiZiX today to invest in a Wide Format Printer and print some more business!