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5 Best VoIP Features for Small Businesses

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Better customer service, streamlined communication, and increased productivity. VoIP offers all of these benefits and more, thanks to a wide range of exceptional features. Here are some of the best VoIP features that will help make your small business more efficient.

Five Best VoIP Features Your Small Business Needs

1: Virtual Receptionist

Live receptionists may not always be at the desk when someone calls, or may have to put someone on hold while they transfer another caller. The virtual receptionist or automated attendant feature on VoIP phones eliminates these issues by quickly and efficiently redirecting callers to the right office extension. 

The virtual receptionist will offer your callers a friendly greeting, then provide them with a clear list of options. You can easily change the recording and transfer options at any time to keep the message up to date. This feature is personable and easy to use, ensuring a positive customer experience. 

2: Call Forwarding

One of the benefits of VoIP is that with call forwarding, you will never miss an important call. This feature allows incoming VoIP calls to automatically transfer to another available number whenever the line is busy or the call goes unanswered. You can set calls to transfer to another phone in the office, a mobile number, or any other number to ensure that someone is always available to answer important calls. 

3: Call Recording

One way to improve customer service is to review your employees’ calls. When activated, the call recording feature saves and archives VoIP calls so you can play them back later on. You can use this feature to efficiently train new employees, identify quality issues, and determine how to improve phone interactions with customers. Just be aware that if you plan to record a call, you are legally obligated to notify the customer at the beginning of the call. 

4: Call Parking and Transfering

Sometimes phone calls need to bounce around the office. The call transferring feature allows employees to efficiently transfer calls after answering (warm transfer), or without even picking up the phone (cold transfer). The caller can quickly be connected to the right person without having to wait on hold or be redirected to the virtual receptionist.

When calls do need to go on hold, customers want the wait to be as short as possible. With the call parking or call holding feature, anyone with access can pick up a call that another employee puts on hold. This helps reduce the hold time by ensuring that no one has to leave their desk to pick up a call on hold. 

5: Music on Hold

Another way to make being on hold as pleasant as possible is to fill the silence. You can set the music-on-hold VoIP feature to play soothing music that adds to your company’s professional appearance. The music-on-hold feature can also play messages, such as answers to frequently asked questions or promotional messages, making the experience more engaging and informational. 

VoIP Phone Systems in Northern California

These are just a handful of the helpful features VoIP phones have to offer small businesses. If you’re looking to improve workplace productivity with a VoIP phone system, contact WiZiX Technology Group today. From VoIP phone systems to multifunction printers and copiers, we provide Northern California businesses with top-quality office technology solutions. Call us at 866-846-1411 to learn more about the different features each of our VoIP plans offers. 

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