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Buying or Leasing a Plotter Printer 

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Even in our computer-based world, the top architectural firms in the world still rely on the plotter printer. Line drawing is a lengthy and complicated process, and outsourcing within companies has proven to be costly and time-consuming. Plotters are quicker, more hands-on, and much more cost-effective.

WiZiX Technology Group is the top MFP dealer in the Center Valley region. We offer only the best printers on the market. Here’s everything you need to know about buying or leasing a plotter printer.

What Does a Plotter Do?

A plotter—sometimes interchangeable with the term “wide format printer”—is a type of printer used for vector graphics. Architects, designers, and construction professionals have relied on the plotter for decades. 

Needless to say, the plotters that were used in the 1990s are a thing of the past. Wide format printers have largely taken over the modern market. The terms are interchangeable because wide format printers conduct much of the same work.

Why To Use a Plotter

Although some professionals outsource their drafts via PDF files, the most industrious draftsmen in the industry use the plotter. There are a number of reasons why the plotter remains the most efficient way to print drafts:

  • It’s neater. A high-quality plotter will print your drafts without the possibility of human error. That’s an unbeatable effect not achieved through outsourcing.
  • It’s cheaper. Limiting printing to one line keeps away the extra expense of ink and paper. 
  • It saves time. Immediate access to the machine helps things run smoothly. There’s no outstanding variable, as there is with outsourcing.  
  • It’s less work. In-house printing limits the tasks of the already-swamped modern draftsman. 

Buying a Plotter Printer

Now that you’ve decided to buy a plotter/plotters, consider these factors before choosing one:

  • How big is your office? We mean both in size and in amount of people.
  • How many people will use the printers? Especially if your team is large, a user-friendly model is essential.
  • How many machines will you need? Discuss this with your team to determine the proper amount of machines. 

Leasing a Plotter Printer 

We find that the leasing process, while not necessarily cheaper, is easier for clients to manage. Leasing your plotter will provide you with perks such as:

  • Flexible rates. We will talk over a monthly rate that works for you.
  • Flexible leases. We aren’t married to a particular length of time when it comes to leases. What works for you will work for us!
  • An easier, more cost-effective process, as opposed to outright buying. 

The Top MFP Dealer in the Center Valley Region 

If your architectural firm or construction business is looking for a top-notch new plotter printer, look no further. At WiZiX Technology Group, serving Northern California and the Center Valley region, we understand your firm’s need for advanced printing. Give us a call today and allow us to meet all your plotter printing needs. 

Image by Lorenzo Cafaro on Pixabay.