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Is your office printer or copier making strange noises, frequently jamming, or otherwise malfunctioning? As an elite printer and copier repair company, WiZiX Technology Group can help save your business costly downtime. In addition to offering the top names in office technology, we also provide customers across Northern California and Reno, Nevada with fast and efficient office equipment repair services.

At our locations throughout the Greater Sacramento, Fresno, San Francisco Bay and Reno areas, you’ll find staff made up of industry veterans and professionals. Our skilled team members are known for patience, expertise, and friendly service. We’ll stop at nothing to provide you with excellent products and services.

4 Signs Your Commercial Printer or Copier Needs Professional Repair Services

1. It Flashes a Warning Light

Many printers and copiers will flash a “call for service” light when malfunctioning. If you notice a flashing light on the machine’s LCD display or screen, it’s time to call a professional. For even faster service, make sure to take note of the ID or Model number before you call, no matter the issue with your device.

2. It Produces Poor Quality Prints

Problems with poor quality prints can be a sign of a larger problem with your printer or copier. Give us a call if you notice any of these problems with your prints:

  • Blurry images
  • Blank pages
  • All black pages
  • Streak and lines on the page
  • Voided or missing areas on the page

3. It Goes Through Toner Faster Than Usual

If it seems like your printer or copier constantly needs new toner but there hasn’t been a change in the amount of print or copy jobs, your machine requires attention from a professional. The toner is likely collecting somewhere inside the machine, which can lead to a messy and expensive problem down the road.

4. It Takes Too Long to Warm Up

Another sign your printer or copier needs the services of an expert repair company is that it takes longer than usual to warm up before starting a job. Your machine needs to heat up the drum in order to melt the toner, but it shouldn’t take long. If you have to wait five minutes or more for the machine to heat up, give WiZiX Technology Group a call.


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Our Products

As a leader in multifunction printer and copier sales in California & Reno, we only offer the most efficient devices and software. Our extensive list of products include brands like:



Our Services

We understand that the purchase, lease, or rental of an multifunction printer or copier comes with routine service, maintenance and repair. And we make the care and upkeep of your device easy with:

  • Onsite maintenance and repair
  • Easy-ship toner and ink
  • A 90-day warranty on all our labor
  • Flexible service contracts guaranteeing discounted labor and parts
  • Same-day service
  • One affordable, all-inclusive monthly bill

          Our Autoship Supply Program

          We’re proud to offer a fast-acting program that keeps your devices stocked automatically. Our Autoship software can detect when your toner is running low, and will place an order for you. This advanced feature saves your business lots of time.

          Why Choose WiZiX Technology Group?

          At WiZiX Technology Group in Northern California, you can expect fast and affordable printer and copier repair services from industry professionals. We also offer flexible service and maintenance contracts to further extend the life of your equipment when you purchase, lease, or rent a machine from us. With a service and maintenance contract, you will receive onsite maintenance and repair, same-day service, and much more.

          Whether you’re looking to repair your office printer or copier, upgrade to a newer model, sign up for automatic deliveries of toner or ink, or benefit from preventative maintenance, WiZiX Technology Group offers it all.

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          No matter what kind of trouble you’re having with your printer or copier, our expert technicians will quickly identify and fix the problem. At WiZiX Technology Group, we’re dedicated to providing Northern California businesses with the top technology on the market as well as excellent printer and copier repair services.

          We offer flexible, affordable service at all of our locations, including Sacramento, Fresno, and San Francisco. Give us a call at 866-846-1411 today to receive a service quote.