WiZiX AutoShip and AutoMeter Software

Our Data Collection Agent (DCA): Predictive InSight by EKM


The WiZiX DCA program captures real-time critical information about your copier/printer/scanner to communicate between your device and us, providing a variety of benefits outlined further below.

As of July 2024, WiZiX has transitioned from using Print Tracker as our DCA to using Predictive InSight by EKM as our DCA.

Logo of Predictive InSight

WiZiX's DCA Migration to Predictive Insight FAQ

Why EKM?

Functions and Benefits of a DCA Agent like Predictive InSight by EKM


Autometer Collection

All metered devices communicate electronically to WiZiX, providing accurate meter information in real time.

No administrative time is wasted by having to call, fax, or email in routine meter readings.


Autoship Program

You get your toner automatically when your device runs low, thanks to cloud-based technology.


Fleet Manager Portal

You'll have an account to view all of your devices. See levels and statuses, and manage your fleet all in one place.

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