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DocuWare Document Management Systems in Sacramento, Fresno, San Francisco Bay Area, & Reno, Nevada

WiZiX: Authorized DocuWare Reseller in California & Northern Nevada

Speed up business processes with an electronic document management system.

DocuWare simplifies every single task relating to documents. It can take your business operations to a new level, by centralizing document storage in the cloud and streamlining document workflow. You can electronically managing and share documents regardless of their format or source. Either on premise or in the cloud. Documents are readily available, where and when they are needed. One quick search locates any related documents.  

DocuWare makes accessing document on mobile very easy. Mobile apps and web clients connect remote, authorized users from home, from the field and while traveling. Support your virtual teams.   Secure, controlled and logged access creates transparent workflows. Integration tools allow the DocuWare document control system to work closely with familiar applications and familiar brands like Toshiba, Ricoh, Lanier, Savin, Kyocera, Sharp, Xerox, Konica Minolta, HP and Canon.  
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WiZiX is a Trusted Authorized DocuWare Reseller

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Docuware Integrates Easily - Low Learning Curve

Reduce Space & Filing Expenses

Reduce space required for filing and storage and utilize for other purposes.

Protect Against Fire & Water Damage

Documents in the cloud are safe from real world dangers at your business

Document Retention Scheduling

Easily maintain records retention schedules on the go.

Business Process Automation

Quickly find documents. Automated tasks keep processes moving forward.

Global Access with User Restrictions

Speed up your information, available on premise or in the cloud.

Access Tracking

Tracked and logged access allows everyone to stay up to date.


Take a look at what Docuware can look like - Version 6.5+

document management
Docuware Sample Screen Shot
document management software
Components of Office Automation

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