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Does Your Office Need a Monochrome Printer?

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Is your office equipment in need of an upgrade? Although color printers are popular, they’re not your only choice. Monochrome printers are perfect for businesses with high black-and-white printing demands. At WiZiX Technology Group, we provide printing solutions to meet all your business needs. We can help you decide whether a monochrome printer is right for your office. 

What Is a Monochrome Printer?

Also known as black and white printers, monochrome printers use only black ink or toner. Monochrome printers can not print in color. However, just like color printers, monochrome printers also come in single-function or multifunction, with inkjet or laser output. 

Single function printers can only print documents, while multifunction printers can print, scan, fax, and copy documents. Inkjet printers use ink and print higher resolution images, while laser printers use toner and are more durable.

Monochrome vs. Color Printers

Although they function similarly, there are several differences between monochrome and color printers. Comparing the costs, speed, size, versatility, and environmental impact can help you choose the right type of printer for your office.


Because they only need one black cartridge instead of four color cartridges (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) to print, the cost per page is much lower for monochrome printers. Color printers typically cost more upfront, and color cartridges are always more expensive than black. 

Because color printers go through ink and toner quickly, you will likely end up buying more color cartridges than you would black ones over time. Laser printers are more expensive than inkjet printers, but both types of monochrome printers offer a more affordable option than color printers.  


Choosing a monochrome printer is a great way to improve efficiency in the office. Monochrome laser printers are the best for handling high-volume printing demands. In general, monochrome printers can print at faster speeds than most color printers. While you can find color printers capable of high-speed printing, they will be much more expensive than monochrome printers with the same capabilities. 


Color printers are typically larger and heavier than monochrome printers because they require more components and cartridges. Monochrome printers are great for offices with limited space and are lightweight so you can easily move the machine when necessary. Plus, both multifunction and single-function printers are available in compact sizes to even better accommodate small spaces. 

Environmental Impact

When you invest in a monochrome printer, you end up using far fewer toner or ink cartridges over time. The chemicals in toner and ink are toxic to the environment, so creating less waste by choosing a monochrome printer can help make your office a little greener


The main disadvantage of monochrome printers is that they are less versatile than color printers. A monochrome printer cannot print in more than one color, but a color printer can print in color, black and white, or grayscale. Color printers also have more options when it comes to printing in different sizes or on various materials. However, if all your office requires of a printer is to print black and white documents, then a monochrome printer will be the best choice.  

Buy or Lease a Monochrome Printer in California

Considering a monochrome printer for your office? WiZiX Technology Group is an elite printer dealer with locations all across Northern California. We sell and lease a wide range of affordable and reliable monochrome printers that will meet all your document printing demands. Call 866-846-1411 today to request a free consultation—we’ll help you find a printing solution that fits your budget and your needs. 

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