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Find the Best Printers for Your School District 

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At WiZiX Technology Group, Northern California and Sacramento’s leading MFP supplier, we provide the top technology available for a variety of clients. Our clientele ranges from government officials to law professionals to the educators. We know firsthand that the Kyocera brand is the most efficient for schools. There are several factors that can determine the best printer for your school district. 

What’s Your Budget? 

When it comes to buying school supplies, communication is key. At your next budget meeting, discuss how much money is available for a new set of printers. 

How Big is Your School District? 

How many schools are part of your district? And how big are the schools? How many staff will be using these printers, and what will they use them for? 

How Tech-Savvy Is Your School District? 

Your district may be up-to-date in all the latest MFP trends of 2021. But it may not be—and that’s why you have to educate! Keep your staff informed about: 

  • The latest MFP technology. The MFP world is changing rapidly. For important industries such as education, the latest products must always be on the radar. Kyocera offers the latest and greatest printers available for schools. 
  • The latest cybersecurity trends. Not all your staff will be IT experts, and that’s okay. But your district’s information needs to be protected at all times with up-to-date cybersecurity.  

Why Kyocera Offers the Best Printers for Schools

1. Kyocera’s Teaching Assistant 

Kyocera printers are sturdy, reliable, and fast, making them perfect for the school setting. But their Teaching Assistant ® program is what makes these printers ideal for teachers and school officials. The Teaching Assistant® program offers incomparable features, including the ability to:

  • Create tests and grading sheets, such as bar graphs  
  • Run tests through its advanced grading system, eliminating the chance of human error 
  • Auto-erase test results to protect students
  • Export advanced data, such as via flash drive, not offered on other devices 
  • Accept many different types of ink and paper

2. Kyocera’s AccessLock

Another feature that makes Kyocera the best printer for schools is the AccessLock application. AccessLock is controlled by one individual administrator, eliminating possibilities of fraud or password theft. Its safety measures have made it an ideal installation for many schools.

The Top MFP Distributor in Northern California 

At WiZiX, we are proud to offer the best MFPs available in Northern California and the Sacramento area. Give us a call today so we can supply you with unbeatable printers for your schools.

Image by Foundry Co on Pixabay.