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Five Benefits of a Document Management System

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At WiZiX Technology Group, we know how important it is to securely and efficiently organize all of your documents. Don’t let the task of document management become overwhelming! The many benefits a document management system (DMS) can help your business in a variety of ways. 

Document management system software allows you to safely store, retrieve, and track important documents. Document management systems offer the consistency, automation, and security that your business needs. Here are five reasons why you should consider a DMS.

1. Lower Cost

Paper-based systems require filing cabinets, folders, ink, paper, and a place to store them all. Those expenses add up, especially as your business produces more and more documents over time. Because a DMS stores your documents digitally, you can free up room in your office and in your budget. 

2. Simple Document Retrieval

Paper documents can easily get lost or misfiled, costing a lot of time and money to reproduce. Implementing a DMS allows you to retrieve documents faster and more easily. Just type in a word or phrase from the document to find the file. 

Another benefit of document management systems is remote retrieval. This is an essential feature for businesses with remote employees, multiple locations, or mobile operations. Employees will be able to access documents from any location with a secure internet connection. Therefore, your business can easily evolve.

3. Workflow Improvement

Important documents often need to be moved around between employees and internal departments and shared externally to third parties.  However, manually transferring paper documents leaves more room for error and less time for other important tasks. Using a DMS simplifies and speeds up the process of transferring documents while keeping data secure.

4. Strong Document Security

Documents often contain sensitive information like personal details or exclusive product information. For a business to run smoothly, it’s important to keep that confidential data safe and secure. A DMS implements password protection so that only authorized individuals can access certain documents.

Paper documents are extremely vulnerable to floods, fires, and other disasters. In contrast, electronic documents stored in the cloud are safe from that risk. In other words, a DMS will back up your documents and safely restore them in the event of a disaster. 

5. Easy Collaboration

Another benefit of document management systems is smooth collaboration. Because a DMS makes sharing documents safer and easier, it allows for better collaborative opportunities. Authorized access and monitoring means that third-party, remote, and internal users can all access documents securely. If unauthorized changes are made to a document, the DMS can easily restore an older version. 

Are There Any Disadvantages to a DMS?

Compared to a paper-based system, the disadvantages to an electronic DMS are negligible. Disadvantages mostly depend on the type of DMS and the capabilities of the business using it. For example, some businesses may not be able handle increased IT involvement.  In addition, some types of DMS may not offer enough security for certain businesses. 

DocuWare Reseller in California

The benefits of a document management system significantly outweigh the disadvantages. That’s why WiZiX Technology Group is an authorized DocuWare reseller in Northern and Central California. DocuWare is a highly secure and easy-to-integrate DMS. For more information about document management, call 1-866-846-1411 today.

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