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High-Volume Document Scanner

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Offices looking for a high-volume scanner often request speed and a good automatic document feeder.

When it comes to high-volume scanners, Brother is a quality brand.

For example, the Brother ADS-3600W can handle 5,000 scans a day. It also features two-sided scanning and is capable of sending scans directly to email, mobile devices, network folders, and cloud services. 

Your central California office can benefit from a high-volume scanner for a few reasons. 

Reasons for a High-Volume Scanner


1. Reduce physical space needed to store documents.


Traditional storage of documents can take up lots of unnecessary space in the office. It’s messy to sort through.

Finding what you need can be difficult and take extra time. There’s no “search” option like with cloud storage.

Scanning and uploading your documents will not only eliminate the need for physical storage, it will make sharing documents much easier. 


2. Create simplicity with the following features of the scanner:


      • Rotate images
      • Change the opacity of the text
      • Perform duplex scanning
      • Set a timestamp


3. Save time. 


The ability to do all this without having to sit down on your computer will save time. Contracts, reports, financial papers, tax documents, etc. can be quickly copied and stored in the cloud. 

It will also free up wait-time at your MFP. Your office may be completing scans with your multifunctional printer already. But if you find that employees are having to wait to scan in their documents or are needing to regularly scan at a high volume, a stand alone high-volume scanner will create more efficiency. 

The Brother ADS 2400N can scan up to 40 pages per minute and has a 50-page auto document feeder. It’s a fast, accurate color scanner for mid to large sized offices that comes with a variety of mobile and cloud connectivity options.   


High-Volume Scanners in California’s Central Valley


At WiZiX Technology Group we can simplify your document management needs with our best-in-class technology.

Contact us to lease or buy a high-volume scanner in the central valley area.

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