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How a New Printer Can Boost Productivity in the Workplace

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Wondering how you can increase productivity in your office? It may be time to invest in a new printer. If your office printer is over three years old, it’s starting to reach the end of its lifespan. New printers are faster and offer more features that can streamline your workflow. At WiZIX Technology Group, we offer a wide range of the latest printers and multifunction devices from top brands. Find out whether it’s time to replace your office printer with the following guide on how a new printer can boost productivity in the workplace. 

Five Ways a New Printer Can Boost Productivity in the Workplace

1. An Upgrade Can Reduce Paper Usage

Multifunction printers allow you to print, scan, copy, and fax all with one machine. Investing in a multifunction printer means you only have to restock one machine instead of four! You can scan documents and upload them to a computer or flash drive directly from your printer. Plus, a multifunction printer reduces paper waste, lowering your printing costs and your carbon footprint. 

2. New Printers Are More Mobile-Friendly

The more recent model of printer you have, the more mobile-friendly it will be. Since a lot of business can be conducted on a mobile device, having mobile-friendly office equipment is essential. Older printers that offer mobile printing may not support newer devices, making it difficult for your employees to perform efficiently. Investing in a new printer will ensure a strong connection so your employees can enjoy fast and simple mobile printing.

3. Recent Technology Is More Intuitive

Although touchscreens have been a printer feature for years, older models use less intuitive technology. When technology isn’t user-friendly, it requires you to invest more time in training your employees and can lead to workflow interruptions. Modern printers feature touch screens that are similar to current smartphones and tablets. Because a familiar interface is much easier to use, it streamlines productivity in the workplace.

4. Optical Character Recognition Is Built-in

Optical character recognition (OCR) is a type of software that can scan text from a physical document and turn it into an editable, digital document. OCR makes document retrieval much faster and prevents documents from becoming lost after being mislabeled. This software also makes searching for scanned documents easier, because you can search for any word within the text of the document. Luckily, many new printers come with a built-in OCR feature, so you can save on the cost of paying for a separate OCR software subscription. 

5. New Printers Offer Advanced Security

Printer security is extremely important if your office handles any sensitive information. If your printer doesn’t offer password protection, you may need to upgrade to a newer model. Password protection ensures that only authorized employees can use the device. Other security features allow you to monitor use, keep track of which employees use the printer, and prevent any printing that isn’t work-related. Implementing these security measures will keep your office running smoothly. 

Buy or Lease a Printer in California

If your office printer is too slow, frequently breaks down, or prints poor-quality documents, it’s time for an upgrade. As an elite printer dealer, WiZiX Technology Group provides affordable, high-quality printers to California businesses. We’ll help you find a printer for your office that can help you boost workplace productivity. Call 866-846-1411 today to discuss our buying and leasing options. 

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