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Can VoIP Help Your Business Save Money?

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Did you know that your phone system is one area where your business can cut down on monthly expenses? VoIP phone systems offer huge cost savings over landline phones, and making the switch is easy—all you need is a reliable internet connection. Here’s how your business can save money with VoIP. 

Five Ways a VoIP Phone System Can Help Save You Money

1: No More Long Distance Charges

Small businesses that frequently make long-distance or international calls can see significant cost savings with VoIP. Unlike landline phones, there are no long distance charges or per-minute fees. And international call charges are often included in the price of your VoIP plan. Overall, the cost of making phone calls through the internet is much lower than making calls over a landline connection. 

2: Lower Installation Costs and Less Maintenance 

Landline phone systems need a lot of expensive equipment, so the upfront cost of installing new phones is high. The only equipment you need for VoIP is phones and headsets, so the cost of installation is much less expensive than it is for landlines. 

Landlines also need regular onsite maintenance, but with cloud-based VoIP systems, the hardware is housed and maintained at an offsite location. But even choosing an on-premise system (when you house the equipment on-site) can help you save on installation and maintenance costs, because VoIP equipment is less expensive and easier to maintain than landline phone systems. 

3: Improved Scalability

The fact that VoIP equipment is less complex than landline phones makes it highly scalable. As your business grows, you can hire new employees without worrying about adjusting your budget for costly upgrades or installations. It’s also very easy to remove VoIP phone lines, so your business can adapt to seasonal fluctuations in call volume as needed. 

4: Better Flexibility

VoIP phones work from anywhere there is an internet connection. This benefit has become extremely valuable with the rise in remote and hybrid workforces. You can hire remote employees from anywhere in the world, and the flexibility of VoIP enables them to work while traveling. 

Your employees can even use their cell phones to make VoIP calls under a different number. There’s no need to send out additional equipment, and their personal phone numbers will remain private.   

VoIP phones are also ideal for in-office employees who are frequently on the move. Calls made to their desk phone can be re-routed directly to their cell phones, ensuring that they never miss a call. 

5: Advanced Features

VoIP phone systems also come with a variety of advanced features that help save on costs while improving productivity. For example, you can set up a virtual assistant that directs callers to the right departments, allowing your front desk employees to focus on other tasks that will help make your business more successful. 

Call-forwarding, call parking, and voicemail-to-email features ensure that calls don’t get missed, so you don’t lose business. And call recording can make training new hires more efficient by allowing them to listen to calls with real customers, so they can start working as soon as possible. 

VoIP Phone Systems in the San Francisco Bay Area

Should your Bay Area business switch to VoIP? At WiZiX Technology Group, we offer affordable and customizable VoIP phone plans that can help reduce your operating costs. We’ll work with you to tailor a plan to the specific needs of your business. 

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