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How Kyocera Printers are Saving Teachers Time and Money

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If you or someone you know has entered into the profession of teaching, the fact that time is a valuable resource for teachers is something that you’re probably well aware of. Work for a teacher begins long before the bell rings, and ends long after the final bell. Even before the school year starts, teachers have lessons to plan and seating charts to formulate, and as if that weren’t enough, they have the essential job of educating future generations.

Well, now there’s some good news for teachers. Kyocera printers offer a solution that will help teachers save time and money. Teaching Assistant® is a new feature of Kyocera printers that will help teachers save time and money! Just listen to what a satisfied teacher in Oakland had to say about Kyocera printers new Teaching Assistant®.

“We love our copier; even our fiscal director has expressed excitement! The added Kyocera Teaching Assistant has been wonderful and the copier has so many features! All in all, we are in heaven. Thank you Jared!” -Jeri, Oakland, CA

WiZiX Technology Group, Inc. is Northern California’s leading regional printer, copier & MFP dealer. We now offer Kyocera printers, as part of our growing lineup of MFPs. Today we wanted to do a featured article on how Kyocera printers will help our hard working teachers make the most of their precious time.


Kyocera Offers a Time-Saving Document Solution

One way Kyocera multifunction printers are helping teachers save time is with grading tests. Teaching Assistant® is one of Kyocera’s document solutions that allows teachers to create, print, grade, and analyze multiple choice tests.

Once students have filled out the test, they can be fed back through your Kyocera printer and Teaching Assistant® will read and grade each sheet. Teaching Assistant® automated grading improves the accuracy of test results, and human error is practically eliminated.

Teachers can get their test results back sooner with Kyocera printers, and offer help to students who need it more quickly. Once the job is complete, all test information is cleared from the machine, ensuring the utmost security of your students data.


Kyocera Offers a Money-Saving Document Solution

Teaching Assistant® provides document solutions that save teachers money. Test sheets can be printed on economical plain paper, eliminating the need for special media and dedicated scanning hardware.

Get immediate feedback on how well your students performed, with detailed reports including test statistics, histograms, and bar graphs. Eliminating the need for additional software for test data analysis. Kyocera’s Teaching Assistant® can integrate directly MS Excel 2010 or higher, for comparative analysis throughout the semester.

Test results can be printed, but Kyocera printers also offer a smarter document solution. Save test data to a flash drive, or email it directly from your Kyocera printer. This means you save money on paper, toner, and energy.


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