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How to Choose the Right Printer Paper for Your Office Needs

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It’s important to use the right type of paper for your office equipment so that it can properly absorb the ink or toner. Loading the wrong type of paper into your office equipment results in poor quality printing and can even damage your machine. At WiZiX Technology Group, we want to help you get the best results possible. Learn how to choose the right paper for your printer by understanding the difference between the various printing paper types and sizes. 

How to Choose Printer Paper

It’s important to understand what paper types and sizes your printer can handle so you don’t waste money on paper that doesn’t fit or gives poor results. Once you know which paper you can work with, you can decide on weight, color, and brightness if necessary. 

Paper Sizes

There are many paper sizes for different printing jobs. The most common sizes include:

  • Letter (8.5” x 11”) is standard for most business documents
  • Legal (8.5” x 14”) is best for legal, real estate, and accounting documents
  • Ledger (11” x 17”) is typically best for tabloids or small newspapers

Most printers can accommodate letter and legal paper. If you want to print ledger paper or other paper sizes, you may need to invest in a larger printer. 

Copy Paper vs. Multipurpose Paper

Both copy and multipurpose paper come in various sizes and can be used in a variety of printers and other office machines. Copy and multipurpose paper are extremely similar, but multipurpose paper is typically brighter and often more expensive than standard copy paper. Copy paper is a cheap paper option that is best for day-to-day printing of plain text, while multipurpose paper results in crisper text and images. 

Inkjet vs. Laser Paper

The best paper for inkjet and laser printers is paper that is specifically designed for each machine to produce clear text and images. For instance, inkjet paper has a special coating that prevents the ink from spreading as it absorbs into the paper. Laser printer paper is meant to withstand heat so the machine can efficiently melt the toner onto the page. 

If you load inkjet paper into a laser printer, the special coating on the paper may start to melt, damaging your printer. Although using laser paper in an inkjet printer will not damage your machine, it will result in a low-quality print due to the lack of coating. 

While inkjet and laser printer paper types are not interchangeable, you can use multipurpose or copy paper in either printer without issue. However, because multipurpose and copy paper are quite thin, using inkjet or laser printer paper will give you the best results for printing images. You can also purchase matte or glossy photo inkjet or laser paper for printing high-quality photos. 

Cardstock vs. Bond Paper

If your business produces a lot of marketing materials, then you may need bond paper or cardstock. Bond paper and cardstock are very durable and come in different weights and sizes, but cardstock is much thicker than bond paper. Cardstock is best for printing business cards, while bond paper is better for flyers and brochures. 

Recycled vs. Non-Recycled Paper

Recycled paper is made up of 100% post-consumer material that has been recycled. Recycled-content paper contains anywhere from 30% to 80% recycled materials. Non-recycled paper, on the other hand, comes from entirely new materials. 

Choosing between recycled and non-recycled paper comes down to whether you want to engage in eco-friendly printing practices. Both types of paper are available in various sizes and qualities, but recycled paper is generally more expensive than non-recycled paper. 

Printer Repair in California

Knowing how to choose the right printer paper will help prevent paper jams and equipment downtime in the office. However, regular wear and tear can still lead to printer failure! You can protect your machine with a service and maintenance agreement from WiZiX Technology Group. We provide preventative maintenance and repairs to give your office peace of mind. Call 866-846-1411 to get a service quote today.

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