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How to Get a Meter Reading from Your Printer

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If you’ve purchased a printer from WiZiX for your office, you probably use it frequently. You may need to figure out exactly how many times this device has printed for you. Using a printer meter reading, you can do this quickly. 

With the directions below, you can easily obtain your meter reading for the printer brands we carry here at WiZiX. Keep in mind that they may vary slightly from model to model. 

Meter Reading for a Savin, Multi-function Printer

  1. Swipe over to “User Tools”
  2. Click on “Counter”

This will bring up your options for meter reading. If you don’t have a touch-screen Savin printer, click the manual button “User Tools/Counter” to the right of the number keypad. Then page through the menu until you see “Counter” listed. Select this and it will give you the information you need for a meter reading. 

Savin = User Tools

Meter Reading for a Toshiba Printer

  1. Hit the manual button that reads “Counter”
  2. Select “Total Counter”
  3. Then click on “Print Counter”

The screen will display your total values of black & white, color, and the combined totals. To print your totals, return to the “Options” menu and select, “Print Out Total Counter.” 

Toshiba = Counter

Meter Reading for a Lanier Printer

Locate the “User Tools” button on the top left of the printer. Press this one time. The screen will display several options. Select the one in the lower left that reads, “Counter.” This will display your total count. An option to print the list will be on this screen in the lower right hand corner, reading, “Print Counter List.” After selecting this, simply hit your green “Start” button on your printer. Press “Exit” twice if you wish to go back to the main screen. 

Lanier = User Tools

Meter Reading for a Brother Printer

  1. Use your arrow keys to navigate to “Machine Info” and hit OK
  2. Find the option that says “Page Count” and hit OK again
  3. This will give you three options of viewing your page counts: color, monochrome, or the total count
  4. Select “Total” and hit your OK key to display the total page count

For Brother printers, there is also a software program you can install on your PC to have your meter reading sent to you via email. Visit their website and use their “Product Search” to find your printer model. After selecting your exact model, (example: MFC-L6900DW) choose the “Downloads” option at the top of the list. It will ask you to identify your operating system (example: Windows 10 64-bit). Scroll down until you see the  “Management Tool” section. Under this will be the title “Brother Meter Read Tool” which you can click to take you to your download. Once you click on the blue button the download will automatically start. Follow the instructions on the next screen for any further installation questions. 

Brother = Machine Info

Meter Reading for a Copystar Printer

There should be a button that reads, “Counter” to the left of your display screen on the printer. This will pull up a meter reading on your display for monochrome, copies, fax, and total prints of your machine. In the display’s lower left corner there should be an option to print your meter reading. 

Copystar = Counter

Printer Support in Northern California

For assistance with printer meter reading in Sacramento, Fresno, and the Bay areas fill out our contact form with any questions you may have. 


Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay