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How to Improve Printer Speed

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How often have you heard someone in your office ask, “Why is the printer printing so slow?” Luckily, slow printing isn’t always a sign that it’s time to replace your machine. There are several ways you can improve your office printer speed. The professionals at WiZiX Technology Group can help you increase productivity in your office with high-quality equipment and expert printing tips. Continue reading to learn how to make your printer print faster. 

Six Ways to Improve Printer Speed

1: Replace the Ink or Toner

One simple solution for fixing a slow printer is to check the ink or toner levels. When printers run low on ink or toner, they start printing more slowly and produce lower quality documents. If you sign up for our auto-ship supply service, we’ll monitor your laser printer’s toner levels for you and send you new cartridges as soon as you start running low.  

2: Change the Settings

Printers print slower or faster depending on the settings you choose. For example, changing the print quality to a higher setting will offer high-quality but slow print jobs. Unless the document features a photograph, printing in the highest quality isn’t always necessary. Changing your printer’s quality settings to print in draft quality will result in much faster print jobs.  

3: Install the Latest Updates

Make sure to download the latest printer driver so your device can receive important security updates and bug fixes from the manufacturer. Keeping your printer up to date ensures your machine continues to run smoothly and reduces the chances of unresolved issues that might cause it to print slower. Some manufacturers even introduce new settings through these updates that enable faster, more efficient printing.   

4: Resolve Network Issues

Issues with your network can slow down the jobs you send to any printers connected to that network. Resolving issues such as network congestion and poor connections will help your printer receive and print jobs faster. If you have multiple devices connected to your network, you may need to increase your bandwidth to get better connectivity. 

5: Use a Wired Connection

For faster print speeds, consider hard-wiring your printer to a main computer with a USB cable. Although wireless printers have many advantages, printers that are directly connected to a computer print a bit faster. It simply takes longer for the printer to receive a job through a wireless connection than a wired one. Depending on the model, other computers on your network should still be able to send print jobs to the printer while it is connected to the main computer. 

6: Load the Right Paper

Choosing the wrong types of paper for your printer can severely slow down your machine and cause it to malfunction. Check which sizes and weights of paper your printer can handle before loading a new type of paper into the machine. Higher quality documents will print faster with less risk of paper jams if you use the right type of paper. 

Printer Repair in California

If our tips didn’t help your printer print any faster, there may be an issue with your current model. At WiZiX Technology Group in Northern California, we offer thorough maintenance and repair for all your office machines. If you choose to replace your printer altogether, consider leasing one from us—maintenance and repair costs are included in the leasing agreement. Call 866-846-1411 today to discuss your options.

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