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How to Reduce Your Office Printing and Copying Costs

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It’s easy for printing and copying jobs to get out of control. Most of us are not consciously thinking about the amount of paper and ink we are using on a daily basis at work. Not only is it unfriendly to the environment, but mindless printing also needlessly adds to the budget. As a printer and copier dealer in the San Francisco Bay Area (with offices in Sacramento and Fresno), we have a few tips that will help your office reduce printing costs.

8 Tips to Reduce Office Printing Costs

1. Save as a PDF

If you don’t need a physical piece of paper, then opt for saving a document as a PDF and sending the information by email or save it to the cloud where it can be accessed at any time.

2. Preview Before You Print

Clicking the preview button before you print is one of the simplest ways to ensure that your document will print in the proper dimensions and format the first time around. If you don’t need to print all of the pages in a document, this option will allow you to go through and choose the ones you want, saving the unnecessary printing of pages.

3. Print Double-Sided When Possible

Sometimes printing a document for a team meeting or presentation is simply the best option. In that case, choose to print on both sides of the paper. You’ll save trees and there will be fewer pages to lose.

4. Use a Second Monitor

Using dual monitors can help save on printing in many scenarios. Data Entry is one example–rather than printing out a PDF Email Attachment so you can enter the data into another software application, simply drag the email attachment to a second screen.

5. Scan Instead of Copy

If you’ve received a paper document that needs to be replicated, ask yourself whether it could be scanned and saved instead of copied.

6. Reduce the Document Margins

If reducing the margins of a document won’t impact the overall template or display of the content, then it’s a great way to get more words on a page and save paper.

7. Recycle Paper

Going entirely paperless is probably not realistic. Reusing and recycling paper is an easy way to save on office expenses, but it’s often the last thing on peoples’ minds. Consider setting up bins or boxes around the office and by the printers where employees can drop paper that’s only been used on one side.

8. Use a Document Management System (DMS)

A quality DMS is about so much more than saving money. It can make accessing documents on mobile very easy, reduce space and filing expenses, automate business processes, centralize electronic storage, streamline file searches, all while reducing the amount of paper your office uses.

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