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How to Implement a Document Management System

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Implementing an electronic document management system (DMS) will strengthen your document security and boost productivity. At WiZiX Technology Group, we help California businesses solve their document management problems with the best DMS available—DocuWare. If you’re ready to switch to electronic storage, here’s how to make your document management system implementation go as smoothly as possible. 

How to Start Implementing a Document Management System

1: Learn Your System

Understanding how your document management system (DMS) works will make implementing the system and training your employees much easier. Make sure to research your DMS ahead of time to find out how exactly documents flow through its system. For instance, you can schedule a demo so you can get to know a new system before you make a purchase. 

2: Decide How to Index Documents

Before you start using your DMS to file documents, it’s important to set a universal standard for how to index documents. Decide on a naming convention for your files, how to organize them, and which tags to use. Then, train all of your employees on how to index files properly. Although storing documents in an electronic DMS significantly reduces the risk of losing them, it’s still important that every employee stores and names their files correctly to ensure efficient document retrieval. 

3: Update Workplace Policies

When switching to an electronic document management system, don’t forget to update all the office policies that involve document handling. For instance, if your business has a clean desk policy, employees might be instructed to remove paper files from their desks each day by physically storing them in a filing cabinet. However, with a DMS, storing paper documents isn’t always necessary, so your policy might need to change to shredding non-essential documents instead.   

4: Add Existing Documents

Part of integrating a new document management system includes adding your existing files into the system. If you currently use a paper filing system, then you can scan the hard copies and upload them to the new DMS. If you’re switching from one DMS to another, you can export your files from the old system and import them to the new one. 

Whether you’re moving physical or digital documents, it’s a good idea to transition them in small batches to reduce the chance of errors. Make sure you also double-check that all documents are stored in the new system before you delete the old files or shred hard copies. 

5: Restrict Accessibility

It’s important to restrict the accessibility of your system early on, in order to ensure that your documents remain secure from internal and external threats. Document management systems have adjustable user access controls that allow you to assign different levels of access and permissions. By restricting the number of employees who can access highly sensitive documents, you can significantly reduce the chances of a security breach

Document Management Systems in California

If you’re ready to start implementing a new document management system, but you’re not sure which one to choose, you should consider DocuWare. WiZiX Technology Group in Northern California is a proud reseller of DocuWare, an efficient DMS that is easy to use and easy to integrate. We’ll help you take your business to the next level! Call us at 866-846-1411 to learn more about DocuWare or request a demo. 

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