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We offer industry-specific solutions to help drive maximum productivity and cost efficiency. Read on to learn what we can do for your business.

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WiZiX expertly satisfies the government’s core demands for security and accessibility while preserving the environment. We have a full range of contracts and programs specially designed to meet the guidelines of school districts, local, state and federal agencies.
Print For Pay
In the commercial printing business, we know that time is money and your equipment uptime means even more money for you and your customers. We also recognize that the quality of every print that you produce is a direct reflection of your business.
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In today’s fast-paced world of banking and finance, we understand that your financial enterprise needs technology that delivers results, works more efficiently, and reliably performs every time. WiZiX’s financial technologies will allow you to maintain operational stability while adhering to evolving regulations in the financial sector.
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Small Business
WiZiX offers the technology to produce the collateral pieces needed to make connections, educate customers, and promote your business.
For charities, churches and non-profit organizations, print materials can be one of the most effective ways to reach donors, raise funds and generate awareness for their campaigns. With WiZiX, your organization will no longer waste critical funds in obsolete materials or expensive brick and mortar copy shops.
Trusts. Wills. Contracts. Litigation. Deeds. Depositions. Testimony. Documents are at the heart of any law practice. Eliminate inefficiencies and reclaim hours of billable time with strategic workflow solutions from WiZiX Technology Group.
As the vendor of choice for many educational facilities at all levels, we understand that you still need to deliver a quality educational experience despite shrinking operational budgets. Managing important student information in a hard copy and digital format can be a drain on your school’s staff and resources. Whether you are involved in running a K through 12 or you’re involved in a post-secondary college and university environment, we have achieved some positive results with our clients in the educational sector.
Efficiency is the name of the game in today’s manufacturing and distribution environment, and your print processes and technology must contribute to the bottom line. At WiZiX, we understand your need to be nimble and responsive to individual customers and to the market as a whole, so we simplify your print logistics for you.
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Managing print infrastructure is essential for an efficient healthcare operation, yet controlling costs is difficult without visibility to your entire fleet. WiZiX’s certified service team helps ensure equipment failures do not interrupt important work and that patient care won’t be disrupted because of a failure to create necessary documents especially during admissions and discharge.
WiZiX offers an exclusive Managed Print program for Retail where you can better manage your documents in a hardcopy and digital format. We’ll evaluate your current environment and determine the right placement and right devices to meet the needs of your stores, distribution centers and headquarters. We’ll also keep your people focused on more revenue generating tasks since we take full responsibility for your printing hardware, service and supplies.
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Save Time & Money

WiZiX can help you eliminate the time and costs associated with manual, paper-driven document management. We can even help you reduce or eliminate the cost, hassle, or need for off-site storage.

Device & Document Security

Security is a growing concern for companies of all sizes. At WiZiX, we employ innovative methods of protecting valuable data in order to help businesses of all sizes meet the increasing security challenges.


If your new machine or its accessories do not operate within the product specifications during the term of your program and cannot be repaired, WiZiX will replace your machine at no charge with a model of equal or better features


At WiZiX, we believe in investing in the environment. That’s why we offer effective solutions to help your company reduce its environmental impact—from software and products that save paper to recycling of used toner.

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