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Key Features of an All-In-One Printer (MFP)

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What is an all-in-one printer? 

An all-in-one printer, or multifunction printer (MFP), is a machine that combines several capabilities such as copying, faxing and scanning. Larger all-in-one printers for office use typically provide centralized document management as well. 

6 Key Features

When you’re first considering getting a new office printer, we recommend sitting down and making a list of the functions and features you foresee needing. Don’t worry about making it exhaustive. When you speak with one of our representatives we can further walk you through what functionalities different models have and ask you questions you may not have thought of to help you narrow your search. 

1. Standalone

While all-in-one printers come in smaller, more compact desktop varieties, most businesses choose standalone units for office use. If you want to be able to copy, fax and email without the need of your computer, be sure to choose a standalone unit where you can perform these functions from the device’s keypad. 

2. Wireless

Do you want to accomplish all of your tasks wirelessly over a network or are you willing to use a USB cord to perform certain functionalities? Some MFPs now include a Wi-Fi Direct feature, which allows compatible devices to connect with them without needing a wireless access point.

3. Scan, Copy & Fax

If you’re looking into a multifunction printer it’s pretty much a given that you want it to be capable of scanning, copying and faxing. But there are a few considerations, as all MFP’s are not equal. Some automatic document feeders (ADF) offer duplex scanning. This means double-sided documents can be scanned in one pass without needing to flip the sheet over. If you choose an MFP with a printer duplexer, then you will also be able to copy double-sided documents all at once. 

4. Print Speed, Quality & Volume

All MFP’s vary when it comes to these three standards. If your office prints hundreds of pages a day—or at once—you’ll want a printer that is capable of both sustaining that volume while printing at a reasonable speed. You should also take into consideration the machine’s print output quality and scan quality based on what kinds of documents you need to print or scan. 

5. Laser or Inkjet

For in-office printing, you are probably focused mainly on black and white text, which means you should go the route of a laser printer. If you happen to need to be able to print high-quality images or graphics, you might consider an inkjet printer. 

6. A3 or A4 Paper Size

If you foresee needing to print a greater variety of paper sizes, then an A3 printer would better suit your needs. If, however, you only need to print letter-size documents, then an A4 printer is the affordable option. 

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At WiZiX Technology Group (with offices in Sacramento, Fresno and the Bay Area) our primary goal is helping you find the perfect device that fits your office needs as well as your budget. And we promise we’ll listen to your needs. If you don’t need a printer with all the bells and whistles, we’ll find the right solution that meets your specifications. If you’re ready to speak with a representative, give us a call today!