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Laser Printer vs. Inkjet: Pros and Cons for Office Use

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If you’re actively shopping for a new office printer, one of the factors you’ve probably encountered is whether an inkjet or laser printer is better suited for your needs. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the differences between laser printers vs. inkjet printers and which device is best for office use.

What Is The Difference Between Inkjet & Laser Printers?

An inkjet printer uses small, water-based droplets of ink to recreate an image or text on paper. Inkjet printers tend to be smaller and cost less. But the upfront cost doesn’t always extend to the overall expenses you’ll incur throughout the lifetime of the printer. Inkjet printers are great for low-volume printing needs.

A laser printer, as the name would suggest, uses a laser to melt the toner powder onto paper to create an image or text. Since laser cartridges use powder toner, you don’t need to worry about dried or clogged ink. And they print thousands of pages before needing to be replaced.

Printing Considerations for Your Office

Ultimately, deciding on a laser or inkjet printer—or both—depends on the printing needs your office has (what you print, how often you print, and how much your printing budget is).

The majority of the printers we lease at WiZiX Technology are laser printers because of their superiority in speed and volume of pages they print. They also are preferred by businesses because of their additional features like optional trays for additional capacity, large replacement supply yields, and advanced security features. In earlier days, laser printers used to be huge and clunky. But modern devices come in all shapes and sizes for home and office needs.

Although we recommend laser printers for office use, if the industry or business you’re in requires you to print high-resolution, gallery-quality photos or graphics, you should probably also invest in an inkjet printer that is used for specific tasks.

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