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How to Manage Remote Call Center Agents with VoIP

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Call center management is always challenging, but without the right tools it’s nearly impossible. How can you monitor employee performance and customer satisfaction without micromanaging your agents? 

Luckily, VoIP phone systems offer many efficient, easy-to-use features that you and your remote workers can use to deliver a better customer experience. Here are our tips on how to manage your remote call center agents using several essential VoIP features.

How to Manage Remote Call Center Agents with VoIP

1: Use the Call Recording Feature

One of the most useful VoIP features is the ability to record phone conversations and save them in the cloud. You can set this feature to record all calls or certain types (inbound calls only, for instance). You can even set it to record calls for specific employees. Recording conversations allows you to monitor employee performance and identify problem areas with the call script. 

Keeping a detailed record of VoIP calls is also helpful for your remote workers. For example, your team can actively listen to customers and clients without the distraction of taking notes, because they can always refer back to the recording to retrieve important information. 

Recordings of successful calls are also useful tools for training new employees. Listening to real conversations helps them understand how to handle different situations and customer reactions effectively, so they can provide the best customer experience possible. 

2: Schedule Check-Ins

When you see your employees in person daily, it’s easier for them to voice their concerns. But remote employees are more likely to feel isolated, and may find it difficult to reach out. It can also be challenging to track the productivity of remote employees if you don’t check in on them from time to time. 

It’s essential to check in with your remote agents on a regular basis, whether it’s every day, once a week, or once a month, to see if they need support. With the call scheduling VoIP feature, you can plan your phone or video check-in calls as often as necessary. Regular meetings are a good way to get a status report without micromanaging. They also keep employees engaged by feeling connected, which helps improve productivity. 

3: Use a Dashboard

A VoIP dashboard or wallboard is a real-time tool that displays vital call statistics for your business in an intuitive layout. You can use the dashboard to track employee performance, call abandonment rate, call queue activity, and other important metrics at a glance. You can also use it to spot trends, correct issues in the call flow, and much more. 

Dashboards can also help motivate your employees and boost their performance by making it easy for them to track their progress toward the team’s goals. And the metrics displayed on the dashboard also reinforce your business’s values, reminding employees of what to prioritize during their calls.  

4: Analyze Call Reports

VoIP phones offer call reports that put together a detailed snapshot of each day’s activity. You can conveniently have call reports emailed to you every day, to help you track your team’s performance. 

When analyzing the call data, make sure to pay attention to the following metrics:

  • Average Speed of Answer (the time it takes an employee to answer)
  • Abandonment Rate (when a customer hangs up before anyone answers)
  • Call Volume (the number of calls within a certain timeframe) 

A high abandonment rate and low speed of answer are often tied together. Training employees to clear the queue quickly and to mark on the dashboard whether or not they are available can help improve these metrics. 

High call volume means your agents are getting more calls than they can handle at certain times. You may need to adjust work schedules or hire more support to improve both customer and employee satisfaction. 

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