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Improving Customer Satisfaction: Six Benefits of Managed Print Services

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Customer satisfaction is the key to running a successful business, so exceeding your customers’ expectations should always be a goal. One way you can improve customer satisfaction is through the use of managed print services (MPS). 

By outsourcing your print needs to an MPS provider, you can focus more time on your customers. And other benefits like reduced downtime, improved security, and increased efficiency will also improve customer satisfaction. Let’s explore the reasons why choosing managed print services is so worth it. 

Six Benefits of Managed Print Services

1: Reduced Downtime

Unplanned equipment downtime is a frustrating problem for both employees and customers. Luckily, one of the biggest benefits of managed print services is reduced downtime. With an MPS, your printers get monitored and maintained regularly, so that problems can be resolved without any downtime. Your employees will be able to work without interruption, and your customers will receive the service they need without delays

2: Improved Security

MPS providers can also protect your equipment by implementing security measures such as user authentication and data encryption. An MPS helps prevent costly data breaches that would otherwise damage your reputation. Your customers can trust that their information will be kept secure, improving their satisfaction. 

3: Increased Efficiency

Managed print services can also increase efficiency, and most customers appreciate prompt and efficient service. By optimizing your printers, MPS ensures that your employees can print as quickly and as easily as possible. MPS providers can automate printer maintenance, supply ordering, and other tasks, which frees up time for your employees to focus on more critical tasks, like building customer relationships.

4: Improved Document Management

An MPS can also help you implement better document management processes, leading to faster document processing. For example, many MPS providers can help you digitize your documents by offering a document management system (DMS). 

With a DMS you can scan your documents and store them digitally, where they’ll be easily accessible. A DMS also reduces the risk of lost files and data entry errors. Your employees won’t have to waste time searching for paper documents in endless file cabinets and folders, and your customers won’t get left waiting. 

5: Environmental Sustainability

Many customers are becoming increasingly concerned about environmental sustainability, so they search for green companies. An MPS can help your business become greener with toner recycling programs and by helping you reduce paper usage with a DMS. By minimizing your environmental impact, you can improve the satisfaction of customers who care about sustainability. 

6: Cost Savings

Managed print services can even help save on office costs, allowing you to offer lower prices or better services for your customers. Highly efficient printers, automatic toner ordering, and reduced paper storage can all help your business save money. Your customers will be more satisfied with your business when you offer services and products at a better value. 

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