Ricoh D6510BK

The D6510BK is a 65″ (diagonal) interactive flat planel display. This model is a replacement to the D6510 in the Ricoh IFPD family (transition to a black bezel product). The D6510BK utilizes the glass technology of Shadow Sense. It supports both pen-driven (felt tip pen) and finger-driven control for up to 10 touch points. The D6510BK acts and operates identically to the current models and can be configured with any Ricoh IFPD controller or software offerings.

Main Features:
  • HD Resolution (1,920 x 1,080)
  • 10-point finger driven multi-touch
  • Optional Business Controller, Widows 10 Open Architecture
  • Up to 10+ USB ports (including 3 on the controller) with Optional Connection Box
  • Shadow Sense technology for an accurate touch experience
  • Both Wired and Wireless networking (with optional controller)


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