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IDC MarketScape Names Ricoh as a 2023 Worldwide Print Transformation Leader

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In an ever-evolving world where adaptability is crucial, Ricoh is pioneering digital transformation in printing. Ricoh’s commitment to redefining the concept of print has recently been acknowledged by IDC MarketScape—its 2023 vendor assessment positions Ricoh as a “Worldwide Print Transformation Leader,” a testament to Ricoh’s proactive approach to change. Read on to learn more about this recent news, and what makes Ricoh stand out. 

IDC MarketScape 2023

The IDC MarketScape is a vendor assessment from the International Data Corporation (IDC). It evaluates and compares technology providers within specific markets. The report uses both qualitative and quantitative criteria to create a graphical representation of each vendor’s market position. It offers buyers a complete evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of technology vendors.  

What Makes Ricoh a Worldwide Print Transformation Leader?

Planning for a Data-Centric Future

Ricoh entered the world of digital transformation over a decade ago, and the IDC MarketScape 2023 vendor assessment commends this milestone. Ricoh has always demonstrated strategic foresight by anticipating market changes and adapting to the digital era. The report recognizes the fact that Ricoh started evolving much earlier than its competitors, who only started focusing on digital transformation with the 2020 pandemic. 

Commitment to Print

Although Ricoh is a digital leader, the company remains committed to providing high-quality print and copy solutions. The report notes that the recent acquisition of PFU Limited’s scanning business and the merger with Toshiba Tec exemplify Ricoh’s ongoing dedication to copy and print. Ricoh also recognizes the fact that printing is about information, and they are constantly adapting to the way that businesses manage printed information. 

Expanded Digital Services Portfolio

The report also highlights Ricoh’s impressive growth since implementing their digital services, which now constitute a significant portion of the company’s overall revenue. Ricoh offers a wide range of digital solutions, including IT/cloud/workplace services, digital content management, workflow optimization, and more. 

Ricoh understands that digital is the future of business technology. Going digital can transform workflows, promote sustainability, and make both employees and customers happier. Ricoh’s digital services help businesses securely capture and manage documents, collect and interpret data, and enable efficient collaboration and communication in the workplace. 

Customer-Centric Approach

Ricoh’s transformation certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed by their customers. The report also notes that customers recognize Ricoh as a vital business partner who offers products and services that align with their needs. The satisfaction ratings with Ricoh team members consistently surpass targeted goals. And the testimonials from Ricoh’s customers showcase how the company has helped their businesses undergo a digital transformation. 

Multiple IDC MarketScape Recognitions

Ricoh isn’t only making news as a leader in digital transformation. They have also earned recognition as a leader in the IDC MarketScape vendor assessments for High-Speed Inkjet Solutions (2023), Cloud MPS (2022), Print in the Distributed Workforce (2022), and Security Solutions and Services (2023). 

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