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Are File-Sharing Websites Safe for Businesses?

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Free file-sharing websites like Google Docs and Dropbox are very popular for sharing photos and documents with friends and colleagues. They might even seem perfect for business owners, because their employees and clients can easily access shared documents. 

But even though these websites help streamline collaboration, they also pose many risks for businesses. Document management systems (DMS) are a much safer alternative. They offer many of the same benefits as file-sharing sites, plus much more. 

Below, we break down the potential risks of file-sharing websites, and go over the extra security features a DMS can provide.  

What Are the Risks of File-Sharing Websites?

File-sharing websites are so appealing because collaborators can leave notes, make edits, and share documents without ever needing to download a file or send an email. However, file-sharing websites leave your business extremely vulnerable to data breaches in a variety of ways. 

1: No Control Over File Sharing

One major disadvantage of file-sharing websites is that you can’t always control where the file ends up. You don’t have to be a hacker to access sensitive documents on a file-sharing site. Because most file-sharing sites let you share a document with people outside of your network, it’s extremely easy for sensitive data to end up in the wrong hands. 

While you can implement a workplace policy that restricts file sharing, users can easily change the settings on their own documents to open up access to certain files. Plus, you typically have to set permissions for each file individually, which takes extra time.  

2: Difficulty Tracking Shared Files

If an employee shares a file with someone, that person can share it with another person, and so on. It can be difficult to track where files with sensitive information end up. An employee can easily send a file to an unauthorized user either accidentally or intentionally, and put sensitive business data at risk.  

3: Shared Files May Be Infected

File-sharing websites don’t have the same level of encryption and virus scanning as document management systems. So if an infected file from someone outside the business goes unnoticed by the website, an employee may accidentally accept it. Downloading the infected file makes your system vulnerable to viruses or malware that steal important data. 

Three Important DMS Security Features

Luckily, there’s a much safer way for businesses to share files internally and externally. Document management systems let users collaborate on shared documents just like a file-sharing website, but with enhanced security features. 

1: Stronger Encryption

Data encryption is the process of converting readable data into code so the information cannot be viewed or stolen by hackers. Encryption is crucial when sharing files, but the level of encryption on file-sharing websites isn’t always enough to protect your data. Document management systems usually employ stronger, military-level encryption for storing and sharing documents.  

2: Stricter User Control

With a DMS, you can define strict permissions for viewing, saving, editing, and exporting your documents. Plus, preventing unauthorized access is as simple as password-protecting files. You can also configure the system so that each user only sees the documents that are relevant to them. 

3: Data Redundancy

Document security isn’t only about preventing data breaches. It’s also important to protect your data from potential technology failures. Document management systems usually have several levels of storage redundancy. That means you can easily restore your data without losing any essential documents. 

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