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The Best Office Equipment Every Small Business Needs

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Whether you’re starting a new business or updating your existing office, knowing exactly what equipment you need will help you run a more productive workplace. The right equipment can also help strengthen your office security to help you build and maintain your reputation as a trustworthy business. At WiZiX Technology Group, we help business owners find the perfect printers, copiers, and other equipment to fit their needs. We put together this list of business office essentials to help you choose the best office equipment for your small business. 

Five Office Equipment Essentials to Choose for Your Business

1: VoIP Business Phone System

Even though smartphones now offer business benefits like mobile printing, that doesn’t mean business phone systems have become obsolete. In fact, a business phone system is necessary for efficient internal and external communication. 

VoIP phones offer a wide range of features that help with productivity, such as auto attendant and call forwarding. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which means the phones use the internet to manage calls. A VoIP phone system is ideal for small businesses because they take up very little space and are a more affordable solution than traditional phones. 

2: Reliable Internet Connection

To avoid dropped VoIP calls, the inability to connect to the cloud, undetectable wireless printers, and other issues affecting productivity, you’re going to need a strong internet connection. Investing in a high-quality modem will allow you and your employees to access the internet with ease. A dependable wi-fi router is also necessary if you want to connect multiple devices to your network. 

Don’t forget to password protect your network and any devices that connect to it, such as printers, tablets, computers, etc. Using a zero-trust security approach ensures that hackers can’t access your sensitive data even if they make it past your network’s firewall. 

3: High-Quality Computers and Software

A large portion of your business operations likely takes place on a computer. If the computers in your office run too slowly or frequently malfunction, it’s a good idea to upgrade to equipment that can handle your everyday needs. You may also want to invest in dual monitors for your employees, which improves multitasking and overall productivity in the office. 

Computer software is another office essential. There are many types of office software designed to make business operations more efficient. For example, document management system (DMS) software allows you to securely store documents as digital files for fast retrieval. Besides strengthening your document security, a DMS can help your office become more eco-friendly by going paperless as well. 

4: Multifunction Printer

Buying or leasing a multifunction printer (MFP) saves you the cost of having to invest in multiple office machines. An MFP combines the features of a printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine in one device. It also saves space in the office so you can make room for more employees or other equipment. 

5: Interactive Whiteboard

Electronic interactive whiteboards allow for efficient business conferencing. You can easily and quickly share projects and notes on the screen using a wireless or USB connection. The main advantage of an interactive digital whiteboard is that you can write directly on the screen.  Simply use a stylus or even your finger to clearly annotate and highlight information for others. 

Office Equipment for Small Businesses in California

If you’re looking for high-quality technology for your small business, buy or lease office equipment from WiZiX Technology Group. We offer a wide range of technology solutions, including multifunction printers, interactive whiteboards, document management software, and VoIP phone systems—all from top brands. Call 866-846-1411 today to discuss buying or leasing the best equipment for your office. 

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