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Technology for every workplace; delivering advanced functionality, ease of use, and peace of mind. Every business is unique. That’s why Toshiba offers the latest customizable solutions that can be tailored to meet your needs. Toshiba solutions help you simplify complex tasks while managing diverse information— efficiently and safely to maximize your productivity.

Toshiba’s latest series delivers on our commitment to collaborate with clients to provide tailored, cost-effective solutions that meet your print, document management and content needs while helping you to meet your green objectives.
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WiZiX is a Toshiba ProMaster Certified Dealer. Recognized for excellence in service execution, training and customer service!
Toshiba's new line up is faster, sleeker, and more productive than ever.

Multi-function Products

We offer a full line of multifunction products with an array of optional features and finishing options. Our e-STUDIO™ MFPs are fast and productive, providing businesses like yours the capability and versatility to produce what you need, when you need it.

Software Solutions

Software and Device Management: WiZiX understands the multifunction product is just the beginning. That’s why we leverage leading-innovation technology with software and programs that help you increase efficiency and eliminate waste.

Secure MFP

Toshiba has long recognized security as a top priority for businesses. They offer some of the most advanced security features and programs available, with multiple levels to ensure that all your data remains right where it belongs.

Managed Print Experts

We’ll help you cut costs, secure your documents and reduce your environmental footprint. And if there’s one thing every business and our planet could use right now, it’s managing to do more with less.

Award Winning

Toshiba products and underlying technology consistently win major awards from prestigious industry and consumer organizations. Marketing Research Consultants, BTA, BLI and CIO recognize us for our product performance and superior service.


WiZiX believes that leading innovation leads to a better world. We promote earth-friendly practices as our way of doing business, we also choose our suppliers based on their commitment to manufacturing materials that help achieve ecological harmony.