Committing to Sustainability: Toshiba’s New Industrial Label Printer

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When it comes to shipping, finding innovative ways to streamline everyday tasks while promoting sustainability is crucial. Toshiba America Business Solutions has addressed these challenges head-on by launching a groundbreaking type of industrial label printer. 

The Duplex Linerless Thermal Printer (DL1024) not only simplifies packaging applications, it also helps reduce business costs, boost productivity, and support demand for sustainable business practices. 

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of Toshiba’s new eco-friendly industrial label printer. 

Toshiba’s Commitment to Sustainability

More and more businesses are starting to implement new practices and technologies that will minimize their environmental impact. Toshiba has been meeting this new demand with their innovative, sustainable technology and machines. 

For instance, Toshiba prioritizes energy efficiency. The Duplex Linerless Thermal Printer is just one of many machines that are designed to optimize energy consumption and reduce their carbon footprint. Toshiba products are also built to last—less frequent replacements mean less electronic waste. 

And in 2021, Toshiba released its Sustainability Report, which outlines its policies to advance Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, and its plan to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  For example, Toshiba has set up a Sustainability Strategy Committee, as well as several subcommittees to help formulate sustainability action plans and monitor their progress. 

Today, the Duplex Linerless Thermal Printer is a major testament to Toshiba’s journey toward a greener future. Here’s why.

Four Benefits of Toshiba’s New Industrial Label Printer

1: Exceptional Environmental Sustainability

Toshiba’s Duplex Linerless Thermal Printer has revolutionized the way that labels can be printed. This “first of its kind” industrial printer eliminates the need for any type of liner or backing material by enabling printing on both sides of a label. This ability eliminates waste and can reduce paper usage by up to 50%.

2: Reduced Labeling Costs

When you use the Linerless DuplexPackSlip® label from Premier Print & Services Group along with the Toshiba Duplex Thermal Printer, you can reduce labeling costs by up to 40%. This combination eliminates the need for extra labels as well as adhesives and their protective liners. 

3: Enhanced Speed and Efficiency

The Duplex Linerless Thermal Printer from Toshiba has the ability to print up to 24 labels per minute, and has a substantial 3,000 media roll capacity. Its high-speed performance enables swift, high-resolution printing, so you can easily meet shipping deadlines on time. 

This revolutionary industrial printer also significantly reduces the labor time required for applying the package labels, so warehouse professionals can prepare parcels for shipment much more quickly and efficiently than before. Linerless label printing also saves time by ensuring that the label rolls last much longer, so you don’t have to change them as often.  

4: Improved User Experience

The printer is also equipped with a vibrant and intuitive 10.1-inch LCD touchscreen control panel, which provides an exceptional user experience. Its sturdy design also protects the machine from the challenging conditions commonly found in warehouses and distribution centers. 

Sustainable Print Solutions in Northern California

WiZiX Technology Group can help you implement greener business practices through sustainable technology. We proudly offer a wide range of eco-friendly products from Toshiba, Ricoh, and other forward-thinking brands. If you’re in need of an industrial label printer, a multifunction printer, or a copier, call us at 888-977-4220 today. 


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