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What Are the Latest Trends in Printing Technology?

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Trends come and go—yet, some are important to note.

The latest trends in printing technology can help your business save time & money, enhance security, and increase the effectiveness of marketing materials.

Below we’ve outlined the trends that will do just that.


Cloud Printing 


Being able to print from your phone, tablet, or laptop while you’re away from your office is the greatest benefit of cloud printing.

Since no physical connection is needed, you won’t be limited to printing from one device. You’ll also be able to permanently rid yourself of printer software updates because these are now handled by the cloud printing service company. 

Many of our printers have numerous mobile and cloud connectivity options. 

Secure Printing 


Document fraud happens to many businesses. One in three security breaches occur from inside the company.

This can cost major dollars. Toshiba printers have many security features in place to prevent this from happening.

Multifunctional printers from Toshiba come standard with technology that secures print output, protects stored data, controls access, encrypts scanned documents, and creates secure PDFs. 

Examples include: data tracking, usage limitations, function level restriction, SmartCard Authentication, department codes, and Self-Encrypting Drive technology, among several others. 

Secure printing is a technology trend that’s here to stay. 


Advancements in Ink Technology


A recent change in Brother Printers comes in the form of more efficient ink cartridges. Brother now offers a line of printers that print pages at a fraction of the cost of what you would normally expect.

Their new, super efficient printers are a bit more expensive out of the box, but come with affordable, jumbo-sized cartridges that hold up to two and a half years worth of ink. 

A number of printer manufacturers are introducing refillable ink tank printers. Bottles of ink replace ink cartridges and can be refilled more cheaply than a new cartridge.

For the average consumer who prints once or twice a month, the increased price of the printer itself may not be worth it. However, if your office prints in high volumes, the savings are immense. 


MFP Printer Sales in Northern California


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