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What is a Document Management System (DMS)?

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As an innovation-driven office technology group, our team at WiZiX technology knows that the security and efficiency of your business’ document management system are essential. Whether you’re a small business or a large organization, your employees churn out and access hundreds of important electronic documents a day. And managing those documents properly can save your business time and money. 

What is document management? 

Often referred to as a document management system (DMS), document management is the process by which your company stores, manages and tracks its electronic documents. A DMS can help your business streamline tasks like organizing, securing, capturing, digitizing, tagging and approving business files. Here are just a few benefits of implementing a reliable DMS:

  • Reduce space and filing expenses
  • Protect against fire and water damage
  • Automate business processes 
  • Centralize storage
  • Streamline file searches
  • Access documents from anywhere in the world
  • Track who is accessing the documents

Speed up business processes with DocuWare

WiZiX is an authorized DocuWare reseller as a Gold Partner and we can take your business to the next level. DocuWare is a cloud-based DMS that is great for small to medium-sized businesses. It simplifies every single task relating to electronic documents. It can take your business operations to a new level, by centralizing document storage in the cloud and streamlining document workflow. You can electronically manage and share documents regardless of their format or source either on-premise or in the cloud. Documents are readily available, where and when they are needed. One quick search locates any related documents.  

If your business in Greater Sacramento, Fresno or the San Francisco Bay Area is looking to go paperless and automate document management, schedule your demo today! 

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