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When Should You Replace a Printer?

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Unfortunately, printers aren’t built to last forever. It’s important to know when to replace a printer and when to repair it. Although we offer printer repair services at WiZiX Technology Group, we also know it isn’t always cost-effective to repair a printer when it should be replaced altogether. When your printer breaks down, there are a few factors to consider before deciding what to do.

Printer Repair vs. Replacement

How Old Is Your Printer? 

If your printer is new or only a couple of years old, then the cost of repairing it should be much cheaper than the cost of replacement. However, if your printer is two or three years old but the model itself came out years before your purchase, it could be time to replace it. Parts for an outdated printer are typically harder to find, and can cost more because of their rarity.

What Is the Average Lifespan of a Printer?

Most printers last at least 3 years and can work up to 5 or more years with the right maintenance. If your printer is nearing the end of its life, don’t stress. Choosing a newer model of the printer you have will make the transition easier. Plus, replacing a printer can actually benefit business by giving you access to all the latest features. 

How Much Would Repairs Cost?

The cost of maintaining your old printer model could be about the same as purchasing a newer model. When a printer breaks down frequently or requires older parts and supplies, the expenses can add up quickly. If your printer model is 7 years or older, the machine is likely to start costing you more than it is worth.

How to Know When to Replace a Printer

Your Needs Have Changed

A printer doesn’t have to be old or falling apart in order to justify replacing it. As your business grows, your printing needs will also change. For instance, your business may need to print more frequently or use different types of paper. If your printer can’t satisfy the printing demands of your business, you should replace it with one that can.

The Printer Is Too Slow

The more you use a printer, the more the parts wear out, resulting in slower print jobs. Keep in mind that print jobs requiring more ink are naturally slower than average jobs, no matter the state of your printer. However, if small jobs are slowing down your printer, it might be time to replace it.

Poor Print Quality

Another problem with worn out parts is poor print quality. If your printer is creating blurry, streaky prints then try replacing the ink or toner cartridges to see if that resolves the issue first. If the printer is still printing poor quality text and images, it’s time to replace the machine.

It Breaks Down Too Often

If your printer experiences frequent paper jams or other malfunctions, your printer is probably nearing the end of its life. There is no use spending your money on repairs if you’re experiencing more downtime than actual use. Save money in the long run by replacing your printer.

Buy or Lease a Printer in California

When it’s time to replace your printer, buy or lease one from WiZiX Technology Group! We pride ourselves on supplying businesses throughout Northern California with the latest technology from the top printer brands. We also offer printer service and maintenance agreements that are tailored to fit your needs. Call 1-866-846-1411 today to speak with a representative.

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