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Why Car Dealerships Choose Lexmark Printers…And You Should Too

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You may be surprised to learn that car dealerships print a ton of documents. Not only do they print the massive sales agreement for each car sale, but they might print the same one several times, depending on how many times the customer comes back, and whether or not they deal with the same salesperson each time.

So it’s no surprise that when a car dealership is looking for a printer, they need one that can handle a high print volume. But there’s one other printer feature that not only boosts efficiency but also revenue for car dealerships. 

At WiZiX Tech, we specialize in providing office technology to suit the needs of your business. We stock a wide range of printers, copiers, and scanners, and can help you choose the right one for you. Let’s take a brief look at why, when it really matters, car dealerships choose Lexmark printers—and you should too.


Lexmark Printers for Car Dealerships Have One Key Feature

Lexmark has pioneered the transition of printers from offline to online. Printers were among the first devices to join the IoT, and Lexmark was among the first printer manufacturers to bring their printers online.

Part of the capabilities of Lexmark’s online printers is what’s called a Managed Print Service (MPS). Printers for car dealerships need to be able to access client and vehicle information quickly. Afterall, the main objective of a dealership is to sell cars, and that includes making sure the customer has a good experience. 

Waiting around in a dealership for a salesperson to find your paperwork isn’t exactly enjoyable. With Lexmark’s MPS, documents are quickly and efficiently delivered to sales staff the moment they’re needed. MPS also forwards relevant documents to a salesperson’s email, which helps cut costs.


For a Car Dealership, Time is Money

Saving time by outsourcing their document management through Lexmark’s printers is what allows car dealerships to boost efficiency. And efficiency is boosted, revenue also increases. The reason why car dealerships choose Lexmark for their printers, is because they offer a technology-based approach to MPS. 

Lexmark’s technology-based approach to MPS allows their printers to detect potential issues before they happen. They accomplish this by the use of internal AI and hundreds of sensors within the printer. The AI also helps notify a distributor when ink levels are getting low—meaning that resources are delivered just-in-time on an as-needed basis, instead of when a predetermined “low level” is reached.

All this increased efficiency and time savings translates directly into increased revenue for the dealership. So if your business could benefit from increased efficiency, on-demand print supply delivery, and the ability to detect printing problems before they happen, Lexmark should be your go-to choice for your office technology needs.


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