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Document Security’s Role in Small Businesses

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Document security isn’t only important for small businesses—it’s essential. Protection of a company’s private data can make or break the business. Hackers are everywhere in this industry, as are security breaches. Our team at WiZiX in Northern California cares about protecting your business. We want to share these tips about document safety with you. 

Risks for Small Businesses 

Any business, however small, has a plethora of personal or classified information that must be protected. Smaller businesses are at risk for even greater loss. They don’t have the advantage of a larger company backing them in case of emergency. That’s why any small business must be on their guard for the following risks: 

  • Client and employee information cannot fall into the wrong hands. A security breach in this area could mean identity theft for a client or employee. We understand that as a businessperson, you have too much respect for your colleagues to put their information at risk.
  • Financial documents, such as bank statements, direct deposit and tax forms, etc.

Document Safety 

Keeping your private information safe is as simple as taking the right steps. These steps ensure that your documents are protected and secure:

  • Back up – a lot. It’s more difficult for hackers to steal data if it exists somewhere else. Discuss a solid Cloud system with your company so your files are easily retrievable if lost. 
  • Keep a physical file cabinet. That is to say, pretend it was 1995 and Cloud storage wasn’t a common thing yet. No one can hack a piece of paper.
  • Think twice about BYOD. The practice of BYOD (“bring your own device”) is one many businesses avoid. Allowing alien devices access to your business’s data poses obvious threats. If you do decide to let your employees use their own devices for work, be careful. Take note of which devices are safest, and use every precaution to protect and back up your data. 
  • Keep your staff in the loop. Industry professionals in 2020 either hire cybersecurity-savvy employees or sufficiently train their staff upon hiring. Just as new softwares and trends develop in the professional world, the cyber-underground flourishes as well. It’s important for your team to be armed in the event of a security breach. 
  • Keep your team full of trustworthy people. It may seem shocking that most business security breaches are the work of inside sources. However, it’s easily explained. People who have access to your data are liable to take advantage of that access. Use discretion when hiring your team. Conduct thorough background checks. 


The most important role in your business’s security? A sturdy document management system, of course. DocuWare is just that; it’s an extremely effective aid in document security. Its features are not limited to backup and storage. In fact, one of the most sought-after features of DocuWare is its user tracking system. DocuWare will alert you to who has opened your documents and where they have accessed them. 

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At WiZiX (serving the Sacramento, Fresno, and the Bay areas), we know that document security is important for small businesses. Our priority is to provide you with the most efficient security possible. Give us a call to discuss the benefits of DocuWare today. 

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