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Why is Printer Duty Cycle Important?

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Like any piece of large equipment, your office printer requires maintenance and care in order to reach its full potential lifespan. When it comes to the optimal use of your machine, printer duty cycle is one of those terms you may have heard of, but what does it mean and why is it important?

What is Printer Duty Cycle?

When a printer is in the manufacturing process, it undergoes something called a stress test. This process pushes the machine to its limits in order to find the maximum capacity for different tasks it is designed to perform. Applications that can be run and physical environment are also taken into consideration.

In the end, a duty cycle is assigned to that specific model of printer. This number, let’s say 30,000 pages per month, represents the printers rated capacity to continuously perform work under “normal conditions.” In other words, it is the suggested maximum number of pages you can print at a designated print quality in order to avoid issues like paper jams, slow printing speeds, or poor print quality.

Maximum Duty Cycle vs. Recommended Monthly Print Volume?

In addition to understanding duty cycle, there is also the recommended monthly print volume. But these two terms kind of seem similar, right? While they are related, there is a subtle difference.

Many in the industry liken these numbers to a speedometer in a car. There is the highest speed your car can reach without breaking. And then there is the recommended speed range that you drive your car for optimal performance. If you drive your car at its maximum of 160mph on a regular basis, it will inevitably break down. But if you drive its recommended speed range of 25 to 65mph and have scheduled maintenance performed, then it should last the optimal number of miles it is tested for.

Back to printers. Duty cycle refers to the robustness of a printer or copier. It’s the absolute maximum number (or range) of pages your device can print. The recommended monthly print volume, on the other hand, is the number of pages that you really shouldn’t exceed when you take maintenance intervals, supply quality, and device engine life into consideration.

Commercial Printer Lease & Maintenance in Sacramento

As you can see, both printer duty cycle and recommended monthly print volume play an important role in deciding which printer to buy or lease for your office. All in all, you’ll want to purchase a printer that can exceed your needs. That’s where our representatives in Sacramento (with offices in Fresno and the Bay Area) can help you out. At WiZiX Technology Group, we’ve been in the printer business for years. Let our experts help you find the perfect copier, printer or MFP for your business.


Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash (6/19/2020)