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Why Your Office Needs a Wireless Printer

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If you’re looking to improve productivity in your business, consider wireless printing. Wireless printers have a wide range of benefits that can help make your office more efficient. At WiZiX Technology Group, we aim to help business owners find the best technological solutions. Continue reading to learn more about wireless printers so you can weigh their advantages and disadvantages if you’re considering a new printer for your business.

What is a wireless printer, and how does it work?

Wireless printers like wi-fi printers and Bluetooth printers do not require a cable connection to a computer in order to function. Unlike wired printers, wi-fi printers work by connecting to your wireless network through the wireless router. Bluetooth printers, on the other hand, use a Bluetooth signal in order to connect directly to a computer or another device. 

Can you use a wireless printer without the internet?

In most cases, wireless printers do not need to go online in order to print. As long as the file is directly downloaded to a computer on the local area network (LAN), the wireless printer will be accessible for printing. However, printing from a wireless printer without using the internet is not ideal for everyday use. Wireless printing without internet is meant to work in cases where the internet temporarily goes out. Without going online, you won’t be able to print files from the cloud or download printer drivers to update your device.  

Wireless Printer Advantages 

No Messy Cables

The cables used to connect printers and other devices can pile up quickly and create a messy workplace. Wireless printers contribute to a tidier environment and eliminate trip hazards. Having fewer cables can also save you the money you would otherwise need to spend on structured cabling to organize your wiring to support your technology. 

Improved Mobility

Since a wireless printer doesn’t need to be connected to a computer to work, your employees can print on-the-go from various devices. It also means that multiple employees can print at once instead of having to wait their turn. Since it isn’t restricted by cables, you can set up the printer in the most convenient location in the office. 

Saves Time

Better mobility also leads to more efficient printing, thanks to wireless printers. For example, wireless printing saves time by eliminating the need to download files to a computer before printing. Instead, employees can access and print files directly from the cloud. 

Wireless Printer Disadvantages

Limited Range

A wireless printer is only accessible when within the range of your office’s wireless network. Large offices may need multiple devices in order to benefit from wireless printing. You’ll also need to be careful where you place your wi-fi printer, as placing it too close to other technology could cause wi-fi interference and lead to slow printing.

Could Create Security Issues

Another disadvantage of wireless printers is potential security risks. If you have multiple printers connected to your network, it’s possible that an employee may accidentally send a document to the wrong printer. This can put sensitive information at risk and jeopardize your business’s reputation. However, you can reduce the risk of this type of accident occurring by password protecting your printers. Password protection is essential for securing your office technology and prohibiting unauthorized access to your devices. 

Wireless Printers in California

If you’ve decided that the advantages of a wireless printer outweigh the disadvantages, then don’t hesitate to give WiZiX Technology Group a call. Our expert team will help you choose the best wireless printer for your business. Call 866-846-1411 to discuss buying or leasing a wireless printer. 

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