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Pros and Cons of Wide Format Printers

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Is your business frequently sending out orders for large format prints? Investing in a wide format printer can save you time and money, and provide many other benefits. At WiZiX Technology Group, we offer wide format printers from all the top brands to help businesses create stunning large-scale prints. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a wide format printer. 

What Can You Do With a Wide Format Printer? 

Wide format printers allow you to print on large pieces of paper or other materials. They can produce prints as big as 2 to 15 feet wide. There’s a broad range of uses for wide format printers—they can print posters, blueprints, banners, maps, wall graphics, and more. Wide format printers offer many benefits for businesses specializing in architecture, engineering, marketing, or education. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wide Format Printers


Saves Time

Without an in-house wide format printer, you will need to rely on a printing company to complete your project on time. You also have to trust that your order will arrive on time after it’s shipped, or set aside some time to pick up the order locally. 

Having your own wide format printer in the office gives your business more control over large-scale projects. With your own wide format printer, you can produce large prints on demand and in a matter of minutes, without having to worry about shipping delays. And if you need to alter the design after printing, you can reprint it instantly instead of having to wait for another shipment.

Saves Money

Although a wide format printer takes a big initial investment, it can save you a lot of money in the long run. Some print shops require you to order in bulk, so you often end up paying for more materials than you actually need. The more frequently you need print service, the more the costs add up. If your business is spending a big budget on print orders, it may be time to invest in your own wide format printer. 

High Quality Results

Wide format printers produce crisp, vivid images that are perfect for creating eye-catching posters and banners for your advertising campaigns. They also print in sharp detail, and produce blueprints, maps, and CAD drawings that are easily readable. Although some office printers are capable of printing sizes slightly larger than standard-sized sheets of paper, a wide format printer will provide much better results. 


Large Size

Because wide format printers are designed for large prints, the machines take up a lot more space than regular or multifunction printers. Businesses with small office spaces might not be able to accommodate the size of wide format printers. However, some wide format printers are only a few feet wide, so you might still be able to find the space. 

Before you choose a wide format printer, it’s also important to understand the maximum size you’ll need for your projects. This will help you choose the best wide format printer for your space. However, if you don’t often need to print anything bigger than a flyer, then a laser printer might be better for your needs. 

Compatibility Issues 

Wide format printers take specific types of ink for printing on different materials. Using the wrong ink type creates a poor print, and may even harm the machine. It’s essential that you and your employees understand the type of ink needed for each print project, and whether or not that type is compatible with your printer. 

Buy or Lease a Wide Format Printer in Northern California

If you’re interested in obtaining a printer for your office, WiZiX Technology Group can help. Our experienced team understands all the advantages and disadvantages of wide format printers, and can help you choose the perfect machine for your business. And if anything ever goes wrong, we also offer reliable printer repair services throughout Northern California. Call 866-846-1411 today to discuss buying or leasing a wide format printer. 

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